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The Ultimate Gift - Movie Analysis

By Ashley, Cassie, Vicky, & Vanessa

Ashley Dawson

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of The Ultimate Gift - Movie Analysis

The Ultimate Gift
Movie Analysis By Ashley, Cassie, Vicky, and Vanessa Cassie's Favourite
Red Stevens: Any process you are going through will get tougher before it gets easier. That's what makes learning a gift. Even though pain is your teacher. Ashley's Favourite
Ted Hamilton: So are you Jason's friend?
Emily: Yes. I am.
Ted Hamilton: True friend?
Emily: Absolutely. Pinkie promise.
Ted Hamilton: So how long have you known Mr. Stevens?
Emily: We go way back, we're like this! (crossing fingers) Now where do I sign? Vanessa's Favourite
Jason Stevens: So what's your dream if you could dream of anything?
Emily: My dream is of a perfect day and I'm just finishing it. My dream is to be with the people that I love, that love each other, and love me. What's this movie about? Activity #1

Suspense-The movie "The Ultimate Gift" is full of suspense. You could sense the suspense as Jason was working to get his gifts. You did not know what he was going to receive or if he would like it. The most suspense was shown throughout the whole movie as it built up to his ultimate gift.

Motives-There is a lot of reason why Jason did what he did. In the beginning of the movie Jason was doing these different task just so he could get the ultimate gift, but near the end of the movie Jason’s prospective on everything changed and he started doing things for other people instead of doing everything for him self

Pathos- Pathos are shown several times in the movie. An example of this is when Jason found out that Emily was suffering from Cancer. This made him realize that he was not the only person who was going through a difficult time and that there were other people in the world that were struggling too. While watching the movie it was hard to not feel sympathy for the characters because you began to understand their own feelings.

Symbols- In the movie, the butterfly symbolizes Emily. She talked about butterflies quite often, and she thought they were very beautiful. In the end of the movie Jason and Alexia kiss, the butterfly floating around them is there to symbolize that Emily will always be with them. Literary Terms The colours in "The Ultimate Gift" were used to describe how the characters felt. There were mostly dark and dull colours used which created a sad and depressing mood. This created a sad and depressing Most of the colours that were used were dull and depressing. Near the end of the movie bright colours were added to show that even though things were upsetting the characters in this movie still lived happily ever after. Colour
In the movie "The Ultimate Gift" the life lesson was to never give up. If Jason would have known how much money he was going to get then he would be more motivated but Red Stevens kept it a secret from Jason. From task to task, Jason found himself having to do things that he hated and did not want to do. He almost quit many times but the idea of getting the ultimate gift, along with the encouragement and challenges put forth by Red Stevens' executives it kept Jason in the game. Life Lesson
The main theme of the film is mending and making relationships. Theme Message Delivered Favourite Scenes and Quotes Vicky's Favourite Here are the 12 gifts that Jason received from his grandfather Red Stevens........ Throughout the course of the movie The Ultimate Gift, the main character Jason Stevens prepares to receive an inheritance from his late grandfather, Red. Jason thinks money will come flowing in but he is shocked to find out Red has decided to give his something a lot more valuable than money. Throughout the movie, Jason has to do many different tasks his grandfather has assigned for him before he get his ultimate gift. “... sometimes in life, you either laugh or you cry. And I prefer to laugh.” THE GIFT OF FRIENDS THE GIFT OF FAMILY THE GIFT OF A DAY THE GIFT OF LEARNING THE GIFT OF WORK THE GIFT OF PROBLEMS THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER THE GIFT OF GRATITUDE THE GIFT OF GIVING THE GIFT OF LOVING THE GIFT OF MONEY THE GIFT OF A DREAM For this activity we need 5 volunteers, to help unwrap gifts. These presents represent the the gifts that Jason's grandfather left for him. You will have to wear oven mitts while unwrapping the presents to show the struggles that Jason went through while he was trying to recieve his ultimate gift. Each item represents one of the major scenes in the movie. The message that was being delivered in "The Ultimate Gift" is to be thankful for the things that you have, and to never take life for granted. Activity #2 If you were put in this sort of situation what would you do? Would you just simply give up or would you put forth all of your effort? when you finally recived your ultimate gift would you use it to bennefit yourself or make dreams come true for others while also getting something out of it to make you happy aswell?
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