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Human Activity That Destroy The Ozone Layer

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Ariel and Kyung-ah Godel and Hwang

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Human Activity That Destroy The Ozone Layer

Human Activities That Destroy the Ozone Layer
Fossil fuels destroy the ozone layer. The three major forms of fossil fuels are oil, natural gas, coal. Fossil fuels are used in cars, factories, and for electricity. These fuels are called fossil fuels because fossil fuels have been formed from the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals. This chemical can cause us great damage to our atmosphere that could change our life styles forever and for future generations. Fossil fuels cause huge amounts of damage to our ozone layer, which is depleting very quickly.
Fossil Fuels
The Ozone layer is part of the lower stratosphere layer of the atmosphere. It is 9.3 to 18.6 miles above Earth. Today the ozone layer is getting depleted by the chemicals and air pollution caused by human activities. Some of these chemicals would be chlorine, bromine, and fossil fuels. The ozone layer is important because it is just like sunscreen it protects us from a lot of sun. Without the ozone layer, the Earth would be to hot to live on.

The Ozone Layer
Factories are a major part of the Ozone layer fading away. There are more than thousands of factories around the world and they continue to make more. Factories produce harmful gases and chemicals that are very harmful to the environment and ozone layer. This is one of the major reason that the ozone layer is slowly depleting. If we keep this up the ozone layer may disappear.
This is a video about the Ozone layer
Why is it that Fossil Fuels Destroy our Ozone layer?
Fossil Fuels are harmful because it gets rid of the ozone part that protects us from the things in outer space. This includes the sun, diseases, and heat. All of these things are harmful and can cause cancer for humans.
Electricity is one of the things that use fossil fuels and destroy our ozone layer. To produce energy the fossil fuels get used and send the energy to power up the electricity. Electricity gives us light, air conditioning, basically our current life style. We use so much electricity without realizing that it destroys our precious ozone layer.
Cars are used and powered up by fossil fuels. This can cause extreme damage to our ozone layer because nowadays the main transportation is by car. Thousands of people use cars all around the world and this causes the ozone layer to deplete very quickly.
Chlorine is one of the main thing that destroy our ozone layer. Chlorine is a chemical element. One chlorine molecule can kill over a hundred thousand ozone molecules. Chlorine reacts with the oxygen molecules in the ozone and rips the ozone molecules apart. This is why chlorine is one of the main chemicals that destroy the ozone layer.
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