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St Francis

No description

Luke Sandiforth

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of St Francis

St Francis
By Luke
St Francis
By Luke
Franciscans Today

The Franciscans today such as the Provence of the holy spirit cover the 4 nations of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. These followers, follow the Gospel and believe in what St Francis did and wanted his people to do
Worshiping through nature
St Francis worshiped nature by letting it grow and die by it's self and treating and praying to nature as it was just like another saint. He thought people to care for nature and treat it with respect because it is apart of God's creation. He would tell people not to rip out plants and kill animals but to build round plants and eat food like bread.
Christian Nativity scene
Life of voluntary poverty
Back then poverty was at large and people fought over money, the peasants served their masters who were nobles and got paid mostly in food. If you were born in a peasantry you could not become a wealthy man or woman. Wealthy women were very rare because the gender back then was revolved around Men and they were the people who controlled the land and the Women would be at home cleanig and caring for their husband.
Life Back then
Life was rough back then because money was short and most people did not have clean water or reliable/substantial food. St Francis lived in a nice town when he was a teen and ran around the streets and had fun with his friends and came back to eat at lunch and dinner. Back then if you had money and lots of it you had power.
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