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Hotel Rwanda Themes

No description

Spencer Goodfellow

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Hotel Rwanda Themes

Ethnic Cleansing Ethnic Cleansing is a process or policy of eliminating any unwanted ethnic or religious groups by forcible displacement, deportation or mass murder. The purpose of ethnic cleansing is to create a territory of which is only inhabited by people of a pure ethnicity, religion, culture and/or history. Ethnic cleansing is similar to genocide. However where the goal of genocide is to completely exterminate the target group, ethnic cleansing is used to the point where the target group has left the territory. In 1994 the ethnic cleansing known as the Rwandan Genocide took the lives of over 1 million Hutus and Tutsis as almost all of the rest of the world watched. In the movie “Hotel Rwanda” I believe ethnic cleansing is a theme because the Hutus were trying to exterminate or clear Rwanda of the Tutsis in order to make Rwanda a country of pure ethnic race. For example when the convoy of Rwandans is ambushed by the Hutus, the Hutus climb into one of the trucks and kill a few of the admitted Tutsis or the Rwandans that don’t answer if they’re Hutu or Tutsi until the convoy breaks free. By the Hutus deliberately killing the Rwandans they thought were Tutsis it shows and proves that they were ethnically cleansing Rwanda of Tutsis. A hero is someone who puts themselves in danger to save someone else with utter disregard to their own health and safety. Hero originated from Greece where it was originally dubbed upon demigods such as Hercules. Now days it’s used frequently and some times not in the right sense. For example if someone did something amazing like a triple back flip some might say “Oh my gosh that was so cool! You’re my hero.” Where as the real heroes of are time are people like firefighters who risk their lives everyday protecting us. Heroism The will to survive is something everyone has. No one wants to die until they have been pushed past their will to survive, but everyone does have a will to survive. Maybe not everyone embraces it, or is willing to use it, but it is there. A will to survive is to push beyond the hardships and obstacles that have been laid in front of you and not give up. It is in every way it’s name sake. I believe that Heroism is a theme in “Hotel Rwanda” because of Paul Rusesabagina. Paul is in my mind no doubt a hero. Paul saved harboured and cared for over 1,200 Tutsi refugees in his five star hotel where he risked losing his job by taking them in. However if Paul hadn’t done this all of these poor Tutsis would’ve almost surely been killed or deported. In the grand scheme of things Paul did not single handily end the bloodbath that was the Rwandan Genocide, nor did he have the power too but he did all he could. He risked everything he had and saved as many lives as he could. Paul Rusesabagina performed countless acts of Heroics and for that reason I believe he is a hero and the so do the Tutsis he saved. Hotel Rwanda I believe that the will to survive is an important theme in “Hotel Rwanda”. I believe this because without a will to survive the Tutsis would have just given up and not done anything but watch as their population dwindled to nothing through the massacre. But this was not the case, the Tutsis’ will to survive helped them to fight back against the Hutu army and not just completely die out. And when they stood no chance anymore in a fight they fled hundreds of miles to leave the country with all they could carry in order to survive. So without their will to survive and there being almost no help at all from the rest of the world the Tutsis would’ve been wiped out. Without will to survive they would not have at all. Will to Survive
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