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Flight Of An Aeroplane

No description

Caitlin Mackie

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Flight Of An Aeroplane

Flight Of An Aeroplane lets look at when the plane is still lift gravity (weight) thrust drag key
if both arrows in a pair are green, the forces are balanced
if one arrow in a pair is red, the red arrow has a greater force then its pair drag thrust lift gravity (weight) but how to you find out the
newtons? lets explain this picture.. you see those Ns? they are newtons.
they are the measurement of force lets say the plane weighs 10,000kg (this
is an estimate). we take that weight and
times it by 10....yes, its that easy pretty easy really- they all have the same magnitude , pulling in opposite directions. lets look at it again you can clearly see that the forces are
balanced but why are they? moving on... time to accelerate remember the key? now there is a stronger forward thrust, thanks
to the engine. making the forces unbalanced, and
creating more newtons for the
thrust and the plane goes forward now we ascend 10,000 N 10,000 N 10,000 N 10,000 N 10,000 N 10,000 N 20,000 N 10,000 N 10,000 N 10,000 N 20,000 N 20,000 N lift gravity thrust the forces are unbalanced, due to
the engine adding extra force to
the thrust and lift. making the plane go forward and up 10,000 N 10,000 N 10,000 N 20,000 N lift gravity drag thrust now in the air now the plane has reached
its height and and the engine is working
on the forward thrust to make it
go forward thats why the thrust
is greater then the drag now the journey is nearly over and the
plane needs to slow down and land lift gravity thrust drag 10,000 N 10,000 N 20,000 N 20,000 N so now the plane tips froward,
making the center of balance more
towards the thrust and the engine doesnt work so hard to help
the plane go down, making the gravity stronger the lift now the plane has landed but there are still a few things that havnt
been explained for example , why must a reaction
force exist in the first place? well, its has to exist because it keeps the forces
balanced and without it we would be stuck to the ground because there would be no forces acting against gravity. so luckily there is.... so thats one thing explained, but why does
friction increase as speed increases? this is pretty easy aswell. when , for example, a car is driving very fast,
the particles are banging into it at a faster, stronger speed- creating friction. so the faster you go, the stronger the particles, and more friction the end:) the end:)
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