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Build a City Student Example

For the build of a 3-d city to show students how to calculate square footage and dimensions.

Pernille Ripp

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Build a City Student Example

Sarah's House Idea Sarah's lot is 100" by 100" She wants to build a 4,000 square feet house
10% of the lot has to be green space
20% of the house has to be garage
So she figures out her possible dimensions:
200' x 20'
100' x 40'
80' x 50'
Or she could do mulitple stories
50' x 40' (2 stories)
40' x 25' (4 stories)
20' x 20' (10 stories)
hmm, what should she choose?
Sarah chooses 50' x 40'
That leaves plenty of room for a garden
She knows the garage has to be 20% of the house
So she calculates:
20% of 4,000 = 20/100 of 4,000 =
is there an easier fraction to use? Right, the garage has to be 800 square feet
(1/5 of 4,000)
Now she has to convert her dimensions to scale The scale is 1 inch = 10 feet
so if her building is 50' x 40'
hmm, on paper that would be? Right! Her dimensions would then be
50' = 5 "
40' = 4"
so the length of her house will be 5'
and the width will be 4'
She knows the height has to be 10'
so that's easy, that is how many inches tall?
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