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Trent Vincent

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Day After Tomorrow
By: Trent Vincent

1. Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) is a climatologist studying the effects of global warming. Why is he taking ice core samples from Antarctica? What does this have to do with global warming?
He was taking ice core samples to look for the last global climate shift to compare to modern time. He checking for carbon dioxide and methane frozen inside the ice. These gases tell about the condition about the past especially the weather.

2. The opening scene shows the collapse of a massive ice shelf (a floating glacier) in Antarctica. Could this really happen? If so, how might is affect global sea levels?
Yes,it could happen that sea levels rise since such event occur the whole time. When ice caps melted fresh water is added to the ocean making sea levels rise. With sea levels are increased it will wash out coastal cities.
3. Is it realistic to think our climate is in a fragile state? What does burning fossil fuels have to do with global warming melting ice caps?
Climate scientists agree that global warming is a very serious condition for our planet and we are not working fast enough to slow it.

Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons they’re molecules that are made up from atoms of hydrogen and carbon. When they’re burned they react with the oxygen in the atmosphere and a chemical reaction takes place.
4. At the meeting in India, Jack mentions how the climate is fragile but the vice-president states the economy is even more fragile? Talk about the difference between a fragile economy and a fragile climate. Should the vice-president have dismissed Jack’s claims because of the costs to fix the problems with global warming?
Both are weak but the economy state is much more important than climate because it still a theory. A financial problem would have a major impact that will affect humans worst than climate change can. No, because in the long term it would be cheaper than it would be if the government does nothing.
5. What is happening in New York with the animals in the city? Why are all the birds in the city leaving? Why are the animals in the zoo going crazy? Is this a sign? Do animals have a sixth sense which can predict natural disasters?
No, they do not have the ability to predict the future; they just are able to anticipate the warning signs before disaster strikes. Some animals are able to hear infrasound given them a higher chance of survival. Also, animals can be extra sensible to electromagnetic fields variations. Which aid them from natural disasters.
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