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Evaluation Question 3

No description

Tanisha Forde

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 4
Adobe Auditions
I used the software Adobe Auditions for both the research and planning stages of my product.

My mini tasks featured audio clips no longer than a minute long, the full audio clip first had to be downloaded then clipped to the right point in the song (usually the chorus.)

I also used Adobe Auditions for my Focus Group audio as some of the audio was quiet and needed to be altered so it could be heard easily. I achieved this by clicking on 'effects,' 'sound and pitch' and then 'normalize' this made it so all of the audio is altered to the loudest point in the recording.
Premiere Pro
Premiere Pro was updated this year, so it became difficult to navigate as I had to get adapt to it. I used a lot of different effects and transitions such as a camera blur a colour tint, dip to black and dip to white. This makes the video more aesthetically pleasing adds to the entertainment value.
As this software was familiar to me, I felt confident in uses this as a presentation method for my research, planning and evaluation. PowerPoint allows me to choose different designs to present my work on, making it more eye-catching and appealing to those reading it.

I used most this software mostly for my research tasks to present posts such as Star Image. However, I had to change these PowerPoint presentations into JPEG images in order to publish them onto my blog. This makes the slides interactive so those who read it can press on them to make them bigger.
Microsoft Word
Much like Power Point, Word allowed me to systematically note my ideas and research and write in detail about them. I find that this is the easiest software to use although it isn't necessarily the most visually pleasing unless pictures and other graphics are added to allow me to demonstrate my points.
However, it is easy to add templates to Word therefore we used it to create some of our props that were used during my video such as the therapist's sign in sheet and the doctor's prescription. These props allowed the audience to interpretate the situation that the main character found himself in and why he's ended up in that position.
Canon xa20 with Shotgun microphone
I used this camera for both my mini tasks and my final music video. The camera itself was great quality so it allowed the audience to fully see the effects of the videos. The camera itself was easy to maneuver once i had a basic understanding of how to attach it to the tripod, adjust the angles and gain easy camera movements such as pan shots.
How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
Wordpress Blog
For the blog to look appealing to the audience, I changed the colour of the theme and added the title across the top of the page so the subject of the topic is clear. I also added features such as a 'Hello!' page so I was able to tell the audience what my blog is about.

I also had to embed documents in the format of Prezi's so that the audience could see them. I also added images that were either JPEG slides that were originally my PowerPoint documents or images to support my research or planning.

The navigation of my blog, I initially found hard as there were documents that I published fit into more than one of the categories that I have created, so instead of making a decision I would just add a different category this made it hard to navigate and could lead to confusion so I had to adjust some documents in order to cater to my audience.
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