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History of Horror

A selective history of horror films.

Mike Jones

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of History of Horror

1960 - 1980 ~ Horror of the family 1980 - 1990 ~ Horror of Greed & Gore 1990 - 2000 ~ Horror of real and unreal 2000 + ~ You reap what you sow Psycho
The Exorcist
The Wickerman
Texas Chainsaw Masacre
The Omen
Amityville Horror
Friday 13th
Nightmare onElm Street
Hellraiser Silence of the lambs
I know what you did last summer
Blair Witch Project
Scream American Psycho
28 days later
Resident evil
Dawn of the dead
The Devils Backbone 1950 - 1970 ~ Horror of the 'Other' Village of the damned
Carnival of souls
Night of the living dead
Invasion of the body snatchers
House on haunted hill 1930 - 1960 ~ Horror of the Monster Metaphor King Kong
The Wolf Man
The Mummy
Cretaure from the black lagoon
Godzilla 1910 - 1930 ~ Horror of the Corrupted Mind Cabinet of Dr Caligari
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Freaks A History of Horror Why do we watch Horror?
Why do we like being scared? Social Fears What are we afraid of?
What were we afraid of in the past?
What will we be afraid of tommorow? "Horror stories are the barometer of those things which trouble the night thoughts of a whole society" Stephen king "the attraction of horror derives from its appeal to the 'beast' concealed
within the superficially civilised human" Andrew Tudor A way of experiencing fear in a controlled setting. One of the last vestiges of the tribal rite of passage. Symobolic Catharsis: a safety valve for our cruel or aggressive impulses. The modern camp fire for telling ghost stories and folk tales What Are We Afraid of Now...?
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