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The Water Cycle

No description

mindy chau

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of The Water Cycle

Run off
Run off consists of melted snow or precipitation that flows into streams.
Surface water
Water is held in lakes, rivers, and oceans when precipitation falls.
A process where liquid is converted to vapor due to heat. The vapor rises from the surface water.
This process changes water vapor into small particles which form clouds.
Here, water vapor is released from plants. The plants get their water from the soil. The water vapor is then used for condensation
Once water condenses, and become too heavy to stay airborne, it falls back down to Earth either by rain, snow, or sleet.
When water falls to the surface, it is then soaked into the ground and repeats the water cycle all over again.
The water Cycle
Mindy Chau
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