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Topic 1: Character & Citizenship Education and the Social Functions in the Singapore System

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paraathi yanasakaran

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Topic 1: Character & Citizenship Education and the Social Functions in the Singapore System

Topic 1
Character and Citizenship Education and the Social Functions of Schools in the Singapore System CCE Framework Origins of National Educations (NE) NE was launched in 17 May 1997 (Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong) Purpose :
Official concerns over lack of knowledge of Singapore's history among young people

1. To develop national cohesion

2. To raise awareness of Singapore's recent history

3. Challenges to and constraints on the country's development

4. To cultivate in students the instincts for survival

5. To instil in them confidence in the future of the country Activity 1 - Identifying NE message & Recollection of Singapore When you think of Singapore
what comes to your mind? Our Heritage Sense of Belonging Singapore our home Unique way of Life Do you know Singapore Flag well? NE Message 2:
We must preserve Racial &
Religious harmony Multi- Racial & Religious Society Live togetherPeacefully Prevent Racial or Religious Riots Importance of being sensitive to one another Prejudice National Cohesiveness 21 July

Marking the day in 1964 when racial riots broke out in Singapore. Also to signify that efforts and racial understanding and tolerance must not slacken. Racial Harmony Day C Outline of hand: Symbolise action , represents unity and completeness
Shape of house: Symbolises Singapore is our homeland

Crescent and stars : Elements of National flag

The tag line: Emphasizes on individuals involvement in Total defence Total Defence

Social Defence - Living in harmony and looking out for one another ( NE message 2 : We must preserve racial and religious harmony)

Military Defence - Singaporeans keeping Singapore safe and secured. ( NE message 5: We must ourselves defend Singapore)

Economic Defence - Working and saving to achieve a better life for everyone. (NE message 4: No one owes Singapore a living)

Psychological Defence - Being a Singaporean and proud of it.
(NE message 1: Singapore is homeland, this is where we belong.

Civil Defence - Taking care of family, friends and people around you in times of crisis. 5 Pillars of the Logo

National Day - 9th August 1965

In commemoration of Singapore's Independence from Malaysia in 1965.

International Friendship Day -21st September

It marks the day in 1965 when Singapore joined the United Nations as an independent and sovereign nation.

It is a day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore's relations with the neighbouring countries and beyond. What do you think hinders the success of CCE? NE message 3 : We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibilty
We must provide opportunities to all, according to their ability and effort. How was NE adopted in your contract or practicum school? Sharing about NE in your contract/ practicum schools 1. Each group will be given a case study and a template to analyse and complete.
2. Identify the CORE value that is essential for character development in the case study given to you.
3. Fill in the template given to each group.
4. You are given 5 minutes to complete your case study.
5. One representative from each group will present their case study. Case Study 1. Singapore is our homeland Six Key NE Messages Social Events in Singapore Schools an you think of any recent racial issues in Singapore? Explain the importance of Character and
Citizenship Education (CCE)

Explain how social functions in Singapore Schools supports CCE

State and describe the six National Education (NE) messages Key Learning Objectives Objectives of National Education NE Message 1: Singapore is our Homeland 2. We must preserve racial and religious harmony. 3. We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility. 4. No one owes Singapore a living. 5.We must ourselves defend Singapore. 6. We have confidence in our future. 1. Singapore is our homeland.

2. We must preserve racial and religious harmony

3. We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility

4. No one owes Singapore a living.

5. We must ourselves defend Singapore.

6. We have confidence in our future. Six NE Messages Which of the pillars is related to Racial Harmony?
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