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Science Fair

No description

Kai Oda

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair

Fastest cooking Pop Tart
By Kai Oda
Kaneohe elementary

My experiment will test if it is possible to cook a Pop Tart without a electrical heat source
Best kind of wood for cookinng are apple,almond, and cherry wood
charcoal was wood that was already buurned
1 bag of charcoal
1 box of Pop Tarts
1 bag of apple wood
1 glue stick
1 large sized pizza box
black construction paper
1. Gather all of your materials
2.put the Pop Tart on the charcoal grill and wait for it to cook.
3.record the data on the chart
4.repeat step 2 and 3 using apple wood
5.construct the the solar oven
6.repeat step 2 and 3 using the solar oven.
7. complete the experiment 2 more times
8.clean up and put away the materials
The project contradicted my hypothesis, apple wood cooked the Pop tart the fastest not the charcoal
This is important because if someone wants to cook something without electricity they could cook their food using apple wood to cook their food the fastest
I will continue to research why the apple wood cooked the poptart the fastest
I'm craving a Pop Tart but my toaster oven is broken.
If apple wood, charcoal, and a solar oven are tested then the charcoal will cook the Pop Tart the fastest.
There was no mode for the apple wood, the median is 20 seconds, and the mean is 19.33 seconds.
The mean of the charcoal was 1.67 minutes,the median was 2 minutes, and the mode was 2 minutes.
The solar oven's mean was 93.33 minutes, the median was 120 minutes, and the mode was 120 minutes.
testable question
Is there a way to cook a Pop Tart without a electrical heat source.
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