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Why do you Like Precitas After School Program

No description

Daniel Villarreal

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Why do you Like Precitas After School Program

The Importance of After School
Building Torwards a High Quality Program
Afterschool Avocate
Core Values:
To never give up on anyone, To Promote respect amoung youth, staff, elders and the greater community, and Promote a "Si se puede" "Yes we can" model
What We do!
Joe Davis
Moving Ahead "Our Legacy"
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What's New!

A Fresh Strart!
Precita Center ASP News
- New Children Servieces Coordinator,
Daniel Villarreal
10 yrs expierence ASP

- New Staff
Luis Brito
and Alex Helfrich
- Veteran staff
Amiee Reyez
- New Sturcture ( Monthly Calendar)

- Youth numbers continue to grow
-Turtor ( core classes in the elementary and middle school level)
- Mentor ( Model good behavior)
- Promote Healthy lives ( healthy snacks, daily fitness)
- Enrich childrens minds and expand their horizone

- Constantly Training Staff on appropriate skills (Behavioral /S.T.E.A.M/Class room management etc.
- Udate supplies
- Contacting local Schools to place us on there Websites
- Make our own promo Video (URL we can hand out on a card)
- Start a shuttling program and possibly a droping off program with a flat fee
- Have a LIT ( Leader in training) program so we may build a solid sustainable program
- Non Verbal Visual Cues to promte youth independence, participation and understanding of our program
-Join Cohorts so we may better undertand programing through networking and fellow coordinators and afterschool programs.
Be the Change Cosulting Cohort
Building Intentional Communities
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