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Do Dogs understand humans ?

Big Question

Maggie Y

on 10 June 2018

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Transcript of Do Dogs understand humans ?

Do Dogs understand humans ??!!
Welcome !
Facts :
Why do I choose this question?
I Love
Second, my friend was training her dog to listen to her commands.
Song !

I find it so cute !!!
Thank you for coming and thank you for listening !!
Do Dogs understand humans ???
I learn :
More you train your dog the more smarter he or she become !
Dogs do have emotions.
Finding out dogs can understand more than 165 words !!!
My Survey !
This is my survey , I ask everyone in group 7, these are the answers in a pie chart.
I contact some vets on internet, but only one vet reply !!
My Answers

I believe that dogs do understand humans, because my mom told me a story, is about a dog called Helo !!
Do you like my pretension ???
Do you like my pretension ?
Write the answer down ( write your name too !!)on the paper, and put it in the box.
This video I think is super AMAZING !!!
Do Dogs Understand Humans?
How much words could a dog understand ?
P.S: If you get the answer right, you will get a present !
Thank you For all the people that help me !!!
Do you have any questions ?
How do you know if dogs have emotions ?
Why does Helo cry ?
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