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Is an HR Manager Afraid to Hire You?

Opinions based on employer feedback and other HR sources on why managers may not hire job seekers who should be qualified for the job.

Javier Vinsome

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of Is an HR Manager Afraid to Hire You?

Can we tolerate working with you?
What can go wrong in an interview?
Show them you can do the job!

Can you answer questions with

method is what HR managers look for!
Reasons an HR Manager won't hire you
Before the Interview: Your resume is too long
You were unprepared for the interview
Prepare a list of key points you want to make in the interview

They're not always concerned with your actual answer to a difficult question, but your composure and thinking process when answering

Preparation makes you look good in the interview!

Tell me why you're a fit for our organization?
These are the 3 real job interview questions!
Will you be able to do the job?

Are you really interested in the job?

Are you really a fit for this organization?
Tell them why you want the job

What interests you about working for this company?

Did you do your research?
(It shows if you don't!)
Are you really interested in the job?
You weren't viewed as the right fit for the organization's culture

Poor interview skills prevented you from showing your true skills and abilities!

There are some consistent reasons why good candidates don't get the job...
Make it relevant, concise and focused

A 2 page resume should open the door to an interview
Research the company before the interview!
Spend a few minutes researching the organization!
Look at the company website, LinkedIn or Twitter?
You didn't ask questions during the interview!
Google "Questions you should ask in the interview"

Show them you know how to gather information

You wrote a thank you note...but only used it to thank the interviewer
Add Value - show your passion for the job

Reflect on what you learned in the interview

Send your note promptly, and confirm why you're the best candidate
You dressed for failure!
You were too casual for the interview, dress professionally!

They want to see what you would look like in front of a client

Show them you understand what it means to be professional!
You didn't interview like you knew what you wanted.
Convince them you want to work there

What high value skills do you bring to employers? Your resume should reinforce it.

Keep your talking points to the job you applied for!
You don't get social media...but think you do!
Your resume doesn't mirror your LinkedIn profile
What does your online content look like?
Google yourself!
You Didn't Proofread!
Poor grammar or mistakes in your cover letter do not inspire confidence that you can write an error-free report to a client!
The typos on your resume do not support your strength of "Attention to detail"
Why don't you have a LinkedIn profile?
LinkedIn showcases your professional skills!
Complete your profile in full - Figure it out! There are tips online to help you!
Show it on the resume
The most attractive candidates have experience in a professional work environment, even if it's not the same field!
Volunteering sets you apart and speaks to your good character
You lacked professional courtesy
You were late for the interview...

You didn't make eye contact when you shook their hand, or during the interview...

Think about if they would want to expose you to their clients?
Mark O’Toole, “Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire you.”

Is an HR Manager Afraid to Hire You?
What have we learned?
Make your resume the right length, and apply the STARS method!
Prepare for the Interview
Bring good questions for the interviewer!
Before the Interview
During the Interview
Dress for success!
Know what you want to do -
talk about the job
Show professionalism and courtesy!
General Tips
Get on Social Media -
follow and research companies
Complete your LinkedIn profile
Use the thank you note for more than just saying "thank you"
Look for Volunteering opportunities
LinkedIn matters! Become searchable, findable and professional!
Javier Vinsome - Career and Diversity Advisor
CPA Alberta

You had unrealistic salary expectations!
Did you check a salary guide and give them a range?
Ask good questions in interviews
It Matters!
What is the full-time employed labour force in Canada?
Examples of job interview questions you should ask
What skills and experiences are you looking for in an ideal candidate?
What constitutes success in this position for this organization?
Can you tell me about the team I might be working with?
What is the next step in the process?
*Forbes: "10 Job Interview Questions You Should Ask" - 2014
Tell them why I'm easy to work with!

Show the right attitude!

Show I can fit in and adapt!

Show I understand the organization's work culture
The Interview
You posted offensive or questionable content?
Proofread everything, then proofread again!
An HR professional reviewed over 40,000 Resumes shows 7 resume mistakes:
How are candidates finding information about companies?
• Visit their corporate website –
• Google search –
• Word of mouth –
• Company review sites (Glassdoor, etc.) –
• Social media –
• Other – 6%
2015 Workopolis Survey
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