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Modeling Real World Data:

No description

Juan Jorrin

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Modeling Real World Data:

Modeling Real World Data:
Using Scatter Plot

A Scatter Plot is a graph used to determine whether there is a relationship between paired data.
Scatter Plot
Tina gathered information about her age and height from the markings on the wall in her house. Make a scatter plot of the data.
Example 1. Draw a Scatter Plot
Line of best fit
is a straight line that best represents the data on a scatter plot.
Prediction Equation
Using the data in Example 1. Draw a line of best fit for the data.
Example 2. Find and Use a Prediction Equation
We can use the points (2, 82) and (4, 98), by connecting these two points we can create the line.
Find a prediction equation. What do the slope and y-intercept indicate?
We will find the equation of the line through the points
(2,82) and (4,98).
Slope formula.
Point-slope form.
Distributive Property.
Add 82 to both sides.
The prediction equation is y = 8x + 66.
The slope indicates that the average increase in Tina's height is 8 cm per year.
Y-intercept indicates that Tina's starting height should have been about 66 cm.
Predict Tina's height when she reaches the age of 20.
Tina will be 20 years old. We will predict the value of y if x = 20.
Prediction equation.
x = 20.
The model predicts that Tina's height at the age of 20 will be 226 cm.
Happy Learning!
It can show trends in the data, which could be positive, negative or no correlation.
This line may pass through some of the points, none of the points, or all of the points.
Prediction equation
of this line can be used to predict information that was not plotted on the scatter plot.
First, find the slope.
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