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AYA Presentation FINAL

No description

Pitch Kitchen

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of AYA Presentation FINAL

Washington D.C.
New York, NY
New Haven, CT
Washington D.C.: YaleWomen Alumni Association
New York, NY
New Haven, CT
Asheville, NC
Gettysburgh, PA.
Asheville, NC
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania: YaleGALE
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Montgomery, WV
Montgomery, WV: Yale Alumi Service Corps
Yamoransa, Ghana: Yale Alumni Service Corps
Accra, Ghana
Yamoransa, Ghana
Jodhpur, India
Jodhpur, India: Yale Alumni Service Corps
Join us on our return to the community of El Trohilo, Nicaragua, March 15-22. Or be a college mentor in West Virginia or California in late June.

Say hi to the kids of Kakelav, India!
They want to share their love of learning
with you July 30- August 11.
Connect.  Celebrate.  Renew.

April 11-13, 2014

Now, since the first time since 1948, listen to the original orchestration discovered and restored by Director David Charles Abell ’81, and performed by an all-star cast of Yale alumni and students.

A star is born, a new SIG – The Yale Musical Theater of the Air!

Amber Edwards ’82

Happily, President Levin and Provost Salovey agreed about the worth of the enterprise. We are grateful to them for giving us the opportunity to help the project flourish and grateful to the busy all-volunteer cast and production team who gave generously of their time and energy to see that it actually happened.

The project would grow from scholarship – David Charles Abell’s restoration of an iconic work of art by an iconic Yale composer and lyricist. It would provide an opportunity for Yale students from the Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater and alumni, whose graduations span 40 years, to work together across generations and to establish new relationships; it would allow Yale students an opportunity to work with, and learn from, established professionals allowing them to know more about one another and their often separate worlds.

A Rare Opportunity, A Unique Collaboration….

When a group of alumni who are passionate about Cole Porter came up with the idea of doing a concert production of Kiss Me, Kate to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Cole Porter’s graduation from Yale, we hoped that we could interest the Yale Administration in helping us make the project possible. To us, the project epitomized everything a great University can enable.
Accra, Ghana: The Yale Club of Ghana
• Over $5,000 contributed… primarily to Student Activity Fund and Library
• $4,500 in landscape materials secured as gift in kind for school
• 700 books given to Hall Fletcher Students
• Over 1,000 hours of volunteer service contributed by Yale Alumni, friends, and family. ($7,250 at North Carolina minimum wage!)

Service Summary for Year One

• We’ve come to know one another better,
• We’ve recruited the local Harvard Club to join us in serving Hall Fletcher.
• Attendance at our monthly meetings has more than doubled, and we now start a half hour earlier, in order to not cut into discussions and presentations about our service projects.
• We feel good about what we’re doing together.

What Hall Fletcher Service Has meant to Our Yale Alumni Group

In all seasons
A mighty stream
#InspiringYale on Instagram

Ready. Go. Get set. Keep Going.
…in many streams
…and winning
We are in the pool.
Celebrating success @Yale
Kinship and Community
Service and Achievement
Inspiration and Tradition
Swimming past Stanford
Yale DNA
New Haven, CT: Residential College Reunions
Yamoransa - A Portrait
AYA Photo Contest
Ambassadors in Action
T H E A Y A S T R A T E G I C P L A N 2 . 0
Set the AYA’s Cultural Transformation on a Stable and Sustainable Footing
Prioritize Programs with Impact
Enable Effective Volunteer Leadership and Governance
Communicate the AYA’s Stories
“Bring alumni together in ways, places, and times that multiply their impact on one another, on Yale, and on their communities.”
“Support and engage alumni for leadership and public service for the world…”
“Identify, cultivate, and engage Yale volunteer leaders.”
“Find our voice and inspire others to find theirs…”
“ Celebrate the victories of our volunteer entrepreneurs…”
“The AYA is part of a larger institution – Yale. The vision expressed in the AYA Strategic Plan embodies the values embraces by Yale – a passion for learning, a community of belonging, and a culture of giving. It is incumbent upon a great university such as Yale to provide ways for its graduates to find meaning in their relationships with the institution. Meaning comes from many sources and is expressed in many ways. Alumni should find their own paths. So long as Yale creates a rich environment for alumni to explore those paths, and so long as Yale nurtures that environment with resources commensurate with the ambition of its alumni to explore, then we – the AYA – are convinced that great things will happen, at Yale and around the world where Yale alumni are inspired to make a difference.”
Ambassadors in Action
T H E A Y A S T R A T E G I C P L A N 2 . 0
People check smartphones more than 100x daily.
People with smartphones check Facebook an average of 14 times daily.
40% of people get news online via mobile
alumni, students, faculty, staff
alumni, students, faculty, staff
Yale Club of Washington D.C.: Gettysburg Travel Program
New Haven, CT
New Haven, CT: Yale Class Reunions
New York, NY: Yale GALA
New York, NY: YANA
New York, NY: Yale Day of Service
New York, NY: Foodtober
Amsterdam, Netherlands: YaleGALE
Yale and her people are…

New Haven, CT: Yale Alumni College
AYA Leadership Awards
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