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matthew pelletier

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of Lawyer

How much education is required?
How much do you make per year?
According to a survey, in Canada these are the salaries for lawyers.
Being a lawyer is not just about proving your point and arguing over cases, there is much stress in all the paperwork and time away from home. For example: Deadlines, billing pressures, client demands, long hours, changing laws and other demands all combine to make the practice of law one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Throw in rising business pressures and you have very little time with your family (if you have one). Yes there are legal risks because as a lawyer if your client feels that you did not take actions that a knowlegeable lawyer would have taken, you can be sued.
Is there a pension included in the job?
Depends on who you work for. Some firms and many corporations have pension, but then again, some don't. In Canada, generally, most Lawyers get pension if they work in the same corporation for a long time.
A lawyer is someone who affects our everyday lives in countless ways. They are involved in everything from buying a home, to writing a will, to prosecuting and defending criminals. They counsel, strategize, problem-solve, write, advocate, negotiate, etc... They argue over the fate of someone in court.
To become a practicing lawyer in Canada you need two to four years of university, then you need to take your LSAT test. The LSAT test is a standardized test to measure certain skills necessary for law school. To get into law school you need to have a high grade point average in university, and you need to obviously pass your LSAT test. one you have completed your 3 years at law school, you must take your local bar course and exam. Then you have to be licensed to the area in which you will work in.
Where are the schools and how much do they cost?
1st Year - 90k-105k
2nd Year - 100k-115k
3rd Year - 130k-150k
4th Year - 150k-170k
5th Year - 150k-170k
6th Year - 170k-190k
7th Year - 215k
Average in Toronto
The salary is really determined on how well known your company is. If you are employed in a large company you may be paid more than at a smaller firm. As a lawyer there is a lot of competition for clients and that's why its hard to earn a strong reputation and trust.
What are the stresses/dangers in the work environment, are there legal risks?
What are the benefits of this profession?
People turn to lawyers for help in their time of need. People charged with a crime or who need advice for handling personal or business legal issues need lawyers to help them. If you gain satisfaction from helping others who are experiencing serious difficulties, being a lawyer can be an emotionally rewarding experience.
What are the benefits of this profession?
Most large firms provide medical insurance for employees and their families. Although for independent lawyers this may be more difficult as they may try to reduce costs by not having a benefits plan.
What are the benefits of this profession?
Every time you can convince others that you have the correct answer, your self-confidence will get a little boost. Even if you lose an argument, your self-confidence will increase. As you continue to gain confidence in your judgment, you will have the courage to say and do the right thing in your own mind even when facing peer pressure, adversity and embarrassment.
What are the benefits of this profession?
A quick scan of articles on google shows that demand for lawyers out of law school seems to be decreasing in Canada. But with the very big financial reward in earning potential there are still many people pursuing this career.

Law is the most competitive career currently on offer in the job market. Due to the high appreciation and demand that law has, there has been an increase in the requirements for enrolling for a law degree in any university all over the world. This is to ensure that the competitiveness of law is not lost.
What is the demand for the job?Is there much competition?
For what type of person is this career best suited? Is it a job for you?
This job is best suited for someone who likes proving their point, debating, research on someone or something, someone who is able to work under a lot of stress and someone who can handle not always getting to prove your point, but still get back up and get ready for the next time. This job could be a potential career for me because I enjoy proving my point at all costs, I love debating even if it is still a skill that I am working to improve on. The things that I do not like as much are the long hours because if I have a family I need be there. Also I can handle the stress of a lot of work but I would not prefer it.
What type of lawyers are there? Which type would you see yourself specializing in?
There are several types of lawyers, and each focuses on one specific field of law. It is possible to find attorneys that practice in several different areas, but most prefer to specialize.There are literally tons of different kinds of law to specialize in, here are some that interest me the most.

Bankruptcy Lawyers
Bankruptcy lawyers will usually offer services for personal and corporate bankruptcy. This is one of those types of lawyers that will usually remain focused only on bankruptcy.

Corporate Lawyers
Corporate lawyers are the types of lawyers that draft contracts, facilitate mergers and help file patents.

Civil Rights Lawyers
A civil rights lawyer will assist with most types of discrimination cases including voter discrimination, racial discrimination and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Criminal Lawyers
Criminal lawyers offer a wide range of services. For example, you may find a criminal lawyer who will deal in DWI and DUI cases, but he will not be able to help you with other traffic such as speeding or reckless driving. Many criminal lawyers get involved in assault cases, while others prefer to handle cases involving more serious cases such as murder.
Criminal lawyer
The type of lawyer that really interests me is the criminal lawyer. Mainly because I like and feel comfortable around those kinds of cases. I would like to work mainly on murder cases.
Is there room for growth personally and professionally?
One of the schools that I have looked into is UBC(University of British Columbia). UBC is located in Vancouver and Okanagan. The costs for one semester are...

Canadian citizens and permanent residents=$11,224

Student fees1=$1,024

Approximate cost of books and supplies=1,810.

So if I decided to go into the law courses, in total, I would have to pay 14.508.
What is the job security?
When you make the decision to become a lawyer, you will grow personally and professionally all through your years of education at university and law school and then starting with a law firm. You will gain so much knowledge and experience and learn about the world and people which is growth.
As a lawyer you will meet a lot of people and most likely you will develop great people skills and make a lot of friends. Also people will look up to you because they know how smart you have to be, to be a lawyer
and that may make people want to be your friend.
The job security is fairly good as if you leave one law firm, you'll be able to find a job at another law firm if you do good work. You take all your knowledge and good reputation with you where ever you go.
The sites that I used for this project where...
Matthew Pelletier



Jan 25, 2014

After my research on what lawyers do, their annual salary's, etc... I have come to the conclusion that this job is not for me mainly because, the hours, the work, the school and I just don't think that the research that I have done for this project is enough to convince me to pursue this career.
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