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on 12 September 2015

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Our Pillars & Your Role
We exist to not exist.
Influencing the Big Picture
Power is the ability to make someone do something they otherwise would not.
Changing the Experience of the Community
The Dirty Word: Politics
Transforming Power to Transform Lives
from the Greek, "to steer a ship"
the practice and theory of influencing other people
Politics with Samahang Pilipino
As a leader of Samahang Pilipino, you are striving toward a vision that will allow the students you serve to one day exist in a place where what we do in this organization is what is expected of our institutions.
Sunday, September 13, 2015
Samahang Pilipino envisions a united, self-sustaining community that:
Your Existence is Temporary
Politics is Participation
Direct Action & Tangible Change
Explores and embraces Pilipin@/Pilipin@ American struggles and identities.
Derives responsibility from continually analyzing and understanding history, culture, and self.
Works in solidarity with different communities to transform systems of power in order to achieve justice and equity within and beyond the university.

As a student group at UCLA, you are affected by the decisions made by those who run the institution. Transforming systems of power is the primary way to achieve the vision of Samahang Pilipino.
Politics is an arena that exists, whether we want it to or not. It is an area that requires us to advocate for our needs and resources. When those in power do not see what we see to be important, the values of our organization are not taken into consideration. Without you and me, without our voices and the voices of the community we serve, we become invisible to those who decide how our projects are funded, what we learn about in the classroom, and how our resources are made available to us as students.

The Pillars:
The pillars of Samahang Pilipino indicate the aspects of Pilipin@/Pilipin@-American students lives that we wish to influence.
What are examples of Social, Academic, Cultural, and Community services that
our leadership
Social: Parties, Fundraisers, General Meetings, OSA Families
Academic: Resources for under-served high school students, resources for students on our campus to graduate
Cultural: Participation in Cultural Night, education of the different dances and subsequently cultures that exist in the Philippines
Community: Manifestation of a space that values the experiences of each individual-- enough to invoke change and make a positive different in their lives
Why is it important to us to be able to influence others?

What do we know about where our resources come from on our campus?

How do we know that politics is important?
Our pillars above provide the majority of the substance of Samahang Pilipino. Those are the things members can expect to influence their experience directly.

However, outside of the organization, politics plays a crucial role in the feasibility of bringing those aspects of our community to life.
With our Pillars in mind, what would UCLA provide to improve our experience with their resources?

In other words, what does Samahang Pilipino offer that UCLA does not currently?

What can we do to incorporate our vision into what is offered to us at UCLA?

Analyze - Organize - Mobilize
Participation in politics gives us the power to obtain things like
Pilipino Studies, free/affordable access to Royce Hall, a sustainable funding source for resources and wages for SPACE and SPEAR, and more.
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