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micayla hill w1 middle ages

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of micayla hill w1 middle ages

Micayla Hill W1 Middle Ages
Middle Ages
The Middle Ages were from the 500 to the 1400. The Middle Ages began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. The Kingdom in northern Gaul split into Austrasia, Neustria, and Burgundy. During the Middle Ages the cross bow was a big change in military technology.
Connon De Bethune
Connon De Bethune was born in France in 1150 he died in 1219 his main instrument is the vocals. When he was alive he was a poet but since that was a long time ago only 14 of his poems have survived.
Saint Godrivc of Finchale
Godric was born in 1065 in Walpole, Norfolk, England and died in 1170 Finchale. He was a hermit and a popular saint. A monk named Reginald recorded his life
Tuotilo was born in 850 in Ireland and died in 915. He was a monk. One of the instruments he played was the harp. But most of his compositions have been lost
Ab l'alen tir vas me l'aire
written by Connon De Bethune.
dynamics messo piano
timbre sad/happy
tempo anadaontae
pitch low
Crist and Sainte Marie
by Saint Godric of Finchale
pitch high
dynamics messo forte
tempo largre
timbre sad
i am sorry but i could not find one of his songs
cites used
google images
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