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Caption Writing


Tripp Robbins

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Caption Writing

Writing Great Captions for YBK
First sentence refers to action of photo; uses present tense
Other sentences, if any, elaborate on info related to photo; use past tense
Students identified with first and last names
--Nicknames like "Mikey" or "Katie" used;
whatever people know the student by
Adults names with first and last names, generally; usually "Mr." or "Ms." for adults
The Writing...
The Goal
How long is good?
Two sentence, usually
First sentence in present tense, describes action
Second sentence in past tense, adds color/depth
Create interesting, accurate and informative captions
(Photo of 3 kids playing foosball ...)

Joe Smith, Sharon Horowitz and Jody Green had fun playing foosball in the Student Center.

During their C-Block free period, juniors Joe Smith, Sharon Horowitz and Jody Green compete at the foosball table in the Student Center. While focused on scoring, Green said, "I should probably be studying for my math quiz!"
You Try!
write a caption
for this photo
write a caption for this photo
When you're done writing these two sample captions,
share them to an editor or the teacher for feedback.
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