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Country Music

No description

Ben Jones

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Country Music

Country Music
When It Began
In 1910, John Lomax released the first ever country song, which was called "Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads". After that, country started to become very popular, as it was starting to be played on the radio, and many more albums were being made by lots of new artists. A radio station in Georgia was the first to broadcast country music live in the studio. The most popular artist around that time was Goebel Reeves, who produced 4 of the most popular country songs ever. Solo artists became popular after World War 1, but many would have to move and record in New York for anyone to want to produce it. Country music has remained some of the most listened to music today.
The Importance of Country Music
Country music is so important to America because it is truly native to them. Pop was originally (and remained so until a few years ago), a very European type of music. No European countries would ever think of producing country music and it is rarely listened to. Country music was created mainly in Nashville, Tennessee, which remains the country music capital of the world.
The Country Music Awards (CMA's)
Eddy Arnold walked away with the first ever Country Music Award (CMA) in 1967. Every year since then, the CMA's have been recognized as "Country Music's biggest night." Last year, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert repeated wins for Male and Female Vocalist of the Year for the third consecutive time!
What Sets Country Music Aside?

Country music defines a culture of people. Every single story in each country song is different. Sure, in most songs they talk about trucks, beer and tractors a lot, but if you really listen to the story, none of the songs are the same. One of the greatest things about country music is that even though this music has been playing for generations and generations, the roots never get forgotten. Could you tell me where the roots for pop are?
Eddy Arnold
Eddy Arnold was the first ever person to walk away with a Country Music Award. He had a total of 24 albums in his career. He was born on May 15, 1918, in Henderson, Tennessee. He then passed away May 8, 2008, in Nashville, Tennessee. Many of his early songs talked about cowboys.
Eddy Arnold performing one of his more popular songs "Cattle Call"
Eddy Arnold performing I'll hold you in heart
In early country music, the most common instrument was the Banjo. Modern country has more bands rather than solo artists and it has become much more like "county rock". As a result, the Guitar and Drums are the most common instruments, with guitar solos being very common.
Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton is one of my favourite modern country artists and my favourite song by him is 'Boys Round Here." He is now more widely known as a coach on the popular TV program "The Voice". In this years CMA's, he was nominated for 5 awards. For the past 3 years he has won Male Vocalist of the Year. By age 15 he had already written his first country song.
Boys' Round Here
When he still had his mullet
Country On The Radio
Country only has a few radio stations, but the ones that do play country, play the good stuff! There are three XM Satellite Radio country stations: Prime Country (58), The Highway (59), and Outlaw Country (60). My favourite is The Highway, because they play a lot more modern country and the popular charts hits - but they occasionally throw in the oldie but a goodie!
Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was new to country a few years ago, but has certainly touched the hearts of many country lovers. Her style of country is not the typical country you would hear, as it is more modernized "pop-country", but is still good to listen to and VERY popular.
Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean has already sold over 8.5 million records and 12 number one hits! Last year he released his most profitable and most listed to album ever - "Night Train." Jason Aldean plays more modernized but classy country than you would typically hear. He uses lots of guitars and heavy drum beats and has a great raspy country voice.
Most recent album 'Red"
"We Are Never Getting Back Together
Taylor Swift
Top 3 Most Popular Artists
Night Train
One of his most popular songs "Dirt Road Anthem
Luke Bryan
A lot of the songs that Luke Bryan plays are songs that just make you want to get up and dance! He just released the Album "That's My Kind Of Night", which has been in the top 10 albums since it came out.
Luke Bryan
"That;s My Kinda Night"




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