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Television is the worst invention of the 20th century.

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Amanda Pędrak

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Television is the worst invention of the 20th century.

Television is the worst invention of the 20th century.
Depending on what it being viewed, it can cause violence because it causes confusion between reality versus fantasies.
Television causes distractions from social skills.
Having a television in the bedroom and watching at night does not let the brain relax (sleep) which creates a vicious cycle of drowsiness throughout the day and affects daily abilities.
Decreases physical activity.
Increases caloric intake.
Creates bad eating habits.
Educational programs.
Creates awareness of surroundings (news).
Inspirational (e.g. Cooking shows and Lifetime shows)
Unimportant advertisements are shown and make people off all ages believe they NEED that product.
The constant changing colors are bad for our eyes and cause us to have a short attention span.
The commercials children view on TV usually advertise junk food.
Therefore, television is the worst invention of the 20th century.
Amanda Pedrak
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