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No description

chelsey park

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of geo

I am going to do
London England Brazil I will start with london england The London Bridge
The London Bridge was
originally made form wood In 1209 it was replaced by a
stone bridge with shops and
houses along its sides.
Brazil Brazil is all about
soccer Sunny day in Brazil
here are some pictures of hot
and sunny days in Brazil. now her is a video of the london bridge falling down her are some push and pull facters adout london england
It exports manufactured goods
and inports petroleum like
-Row Suger
-Meat Social
I would like to go see the london bridge, go see the queens jules,The tower of london, londons eye,Buckingham palace here are some pictuers of the places
Buckingham palace Tower of london London eye Economy
Brazil is the largest country in South America with the maximum population. Brazil has become the most powerful country in South America in economic terms and thus is leading the other countries of South America.
Economy Social what I would do in Brazil I would
All day Tropical Island tour and sepetiba bay cruise includind lunch,
Go see the Crystal palace,
Walking Tour
Thank You for waching me prezi -tation
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