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Copy of World in the clouds (CP21)

Complete Prezi by Prezzip

Michael Bieg

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of World in the clouds (CP21)

Tupperware party hostess = Team Captain - Adress your supporters personally via phone, e-mail, facebook etc.
-> with personal messages you show appreciation to donors and fundraisers
Use the "Friends asking Friends" principle combined with Social Media, where your potential supporters are already cross-linked
-> a big benefit of Web 2.0
Traditional (donor) adverstisement
-> Flip the funnel with Web 2.0!
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising...
...and what we can learn
from Tupperware

Fundraising Land
Thank you!!
About Altruja:
Founded in 2010
15 employees
More than 450 national and international organisations all over Europe
Vision: Easy Online Fundraising technology for Non-Profit-Organisations and their partners on their website
Organizations that we support:
About me:
Nicolas Reis
Founder of Altruja
Sport & Charity at amiando, Munich
Events & Fundraising at The Active Network, Munich and San Diego
and no, I can't sing like Elvis...
What we do
at Altruja?

What does your job have to do with Tupperware?
...first let's take a look back in the days!
Time for some
Success Stories
Key facts:
Life Ball at Vienna:
Munich Marathon:
Sales event at someone's private house with her (his) friends -> benefit from personal relationships and friendships
Professional sales person presents products and receives customers' orders
Free product gifts or discounts for the host and other regular customers -> incentive to buy again
Focus on solution
What can Non-Profit-Organisations learn from Tupperware?
Offer various payment possibilities

(credit card, direct debit, PayPal, wire transfer)

It’s about collecting donations via a charity’s website
Easily practicable by implementing a donation tool into a charity’s website to enable people to donate money and to raise money with their friends, family and colleagues
One does NOT fit all - Use spezialised tools for your specific needs
Embedded donation form
Campaigning tools
Event Fundraising
Facebook App
Tools for corporate giving
The number of donation collecting organisations is increasing!
All in a nutshell,
7 guidelines that may help YOU!
Restore NYC
Communicate your
ask clearly!
3 simple steps to become a fundraiser!
Show your supporters!
Personal appeal from your supporters gives your charity credibility
and increase donations!
Call to action
Make it personal, fill it with passion!
Integrate your campaign into all aspects of promotion!
Especially Social Media

Give regularly progess updates, include people in posts.
Show appreciation, personal messages are effective! Comment on their Pictures, Videos.
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising....
...is a method of fundraising that enables a non profit organisation to raise funds on their behalf within each supporter`s personal network.
-> Use "mixed" media and hook people in!
Funny stories for an important and serious campaign are appealing!
People like to share funny things!
Campaigns with celebrities can increase your reach!
The Idea:

Movember challenges men to grow a mustache for the 30 days of November, thereby changing their appearance and the face of men'S health.

With their Mo's men raise vital funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health.
Innovative idea perfectly implemented in a campaign
-> something you like to share and do together with your friends
2. Set goals
So having said this, become a Mo Bro and and tell your friends!
For your organization
Encourage fundraisers to also set a goal
Help them to determine 'right' amount

1. Make it personal and inspirational!
Encourage fundraisers to tell passionate stories
5. Use all aspects of promotion!
3. Identify opinion leaders, who motivate people to follow them with your campaign ideas
Who are your "Team Captains"?
Communicate year-round with them
Connect them more to your organization
Ideally they raise money und recruit new members
Don't mistake them for an ATM (Jose Carreras example)
Use funny stories or ideas that people want to share with others
6. Think about Search Engine Optimization "SEO"!
Optimize keywords on your landingpages, to get a higher google ranking
Get help from some experts if you have no clue of SEO! It's worth the costs!
7. Offer incentives and foster competition!
What perks you can offer? (e.g. gift cards, or a personal thank-you video from a celebrity supporting your campaign)
For those with a competitive side, provide a list with your top fundraisers for events!
For Team competition: Award prizes for:
The largest Team,
Team that raises the most
Best costume
What motivates individuals to sign up for an event and raise funds for you?
Blackbaud peer-to-peer consumer survey 2012
What motivates people to get involved?
Why did people fundraise?
Why did people NOT fundraise?
friends asking friends !!!
Use Emails, Blogs, Social Media, Videos etc.
Make it easy to share
Provide templates
-> Make it less intimidating
Celebreties can help you to make your campaign more viral
Any questions?
Time for some Statistics
4. Kickstart your fundraisers
The Buffet effect
The wedding gift effect
Consider matching gifts if possible
6. Use the Power of a Team
People in Fundraising Teams send more Emails, post more often -> Raise more money
Think about Corporate Teams (Offer Team building to CSR)
Bill Harris and the Ring
Instead of focussing on the function of your "product", explain what effect a donation can have, e.g.
-> "...a donation about 120$ can help immunize 50 children against polio for their entire life..."
Dont forget the evaluation form!
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