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AP Stats Project

Two Sample T Test - More girls in AP Courses?

Cristell Perez

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of AP Stats Project

AP Stats Final Project :)
By: Cristell A. Perez 3rd Pd. The Abstract :) The ongoing discussion of whether girls are smarter than guys is very debatable and continues to be discussed. This experiment will only be used to prove whether or not more girls are enrolled in AP courses at C.C. Winn High School than guys are. This experiment contained a random sample from the AP enrolled population. WIth this data, a one sample proportion t-test was performed and tested whether more than .5 of the sample consisted of girls. The Study ! Are more girls taking AP Courses than guys are? The following is a hypothesis test to prove whether or not there are more girls enrolled in AP classes than guys. Method of Data Collecting: The data was collected by gathering all rosters for each AP course available in C.C. Winn and using a systematic method of random sampling, I chose a sampole of 32 out of a population of 131 students. Starting with the fourth student, I chose every fourth candidate and only took into consideration their gender. Mode: Girls Enrolled in AP Course
Proportion: .563 of AP Enrolled Students are Girls Relevant Descriptive Stats Significance Test: One Sample Proportion T-Test -One Sample
-Standard Deviation of Population Stat is unknown
-Proportion of Population desired -p is the true proportion of girls enrolled in AP Courses in Specified Classes
-Null Hypothesis: the true proportion of girls enrolled in AP Courses in Specified Classes is greater than or equal to .5
-Alternative Hypothesis: the true proportion of girls enrolled in AP Courses in Specified Classes is less than .5 Alpha Value: .05 Test Stat:
t=(p'-p)/(p'(1-p')/n)^1/2 n=32
df=31 t=.718
p(t=.718)=.7602 Discussion: A weakness in this experiment would be the order in which the rosters were placed because this might affect who was selected, thus changing the proportion. Extrapolation: I do not feel comfortable extrapolating this data due to this data only being from C.C. Winn HS and generalizing this data further into a broader category would not represent the specified population. Conclusion: Since the p-value of .7602 is greater than the alpha value of .05, I fail to reject the null hypothesis meaning that the claim that more girls are enrolled in AP courses than guys is supported with sufficient evidence. So yes, girls are smarter than guys :D Thank You :) -random sample
-np' & n(1-p') are greater than 10
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