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Chartered Status Q&A (YEA-V)

Tuesday July 30th, 21 Bedford St North Melbourne

Irini Vazanellis

on 15 May 2016

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Transcript of Chartered Status Q&A (YEA-V)

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Chartered Status Q&A
The Panel
Ben Aldham CPEng
Marc Colella CPEng
Alesha Printz CPEng
Colin Craney CPEng
Question 1
"What are the real world benefits of becoming chartered other than recognition amongst peers? For example, has a company put you forward for jobs as a Chartered engineer over other non-chartered engineers?"
Question 2
"How easy or hard was it for you to get the range of experiences required to complete all 16 elements? What would you do if you were pigeon-holed in your company/team/position and you were only exposed to a narrow range of experiences?"
Question 3
"Some see Chartered status as more difficult to obtain when you are in a technical role. Did you focus on the engineering or project management side when writing your reports?"
Question 4
"Within Australia, how do you think the different forms of registration compare, such as RPEQ through AusIMM? Considering today’s global market, how does Australia’s Chartered engineer stack up internationally?"
Question 5
"I'm sure many in the crowd and also most of you have had some reports rejected. What approach did you take with your rejected reports (if any) and what advice can you give to others?"
Question 6
"Can you get more than one competency out of a single project and if so, how?"
...your questions?
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