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Arduino Temperature Logger

No description

Aya Al Mohammadi

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Arduino Temperature Logger

Industrial Instrumentation Project
"Arduino Temperature Logger"

The Component
1.Arduino UNO 2.Wires 3.LM358DZ "Sensor"
Project Video

The idea of the project
*The main idea :-
This Project is an application on op-amp "Voltage Follower".

*What the circuit works :-
In this project we will measure the temperature using two sensors , and send the results to the computer using arduino, then we will show the results in matlab.

Continue The Component
4.LM358 "op-amp / Voltage follower"

If the distance between the sensor and arduino is long , a voltage
drop will be generated along the wire .
Due to the voltage drop we will use op-amp as a voltage follower .

Coding & PCB Circuit
Arduino Code
Matlab Code

Matlab Output
Stages Of PCB Circuit
Team 14 Members
1.Aya Abdul Rahim Al Mohammadi
2.Aya Mohamed El Hasaneen
3.Ahmed Ibrahim Ibrahim El Kholy
4.Ahmed Talat Osamn Rashwan
6.Ahmed Mohamed Zaki El Melegy
6.Esraa Ali Bedir Abdul Fatah
7.kareem Amr Mostafa Abo Eleneen
8.Mai Mohamed Abdul Hameed

Schematic Circuit
Board "PCB" Circuit
Final PCB Circuit
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