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Digital Storytelling can transport students to new places.

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Danielle Cotton

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling can transport students to new places.

How might this look in a kindergarten classroom?
Digital storytelling can be used in several ways.
In my classroom, I would use it to review a story that we previously read.
I would ask students, "What happened first?" Then I would begin the storytelling...
After listening to a story, students could write down or draw the main events in the order they occurred. As part of the review, I would ask students to help me retell the story.
Thank you!
Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling can transport students to new places.
As we go along, I want students to check, and see if they are right.
We would hit on all of the main parts of the story. I would stop the presentation, as needed.
Students would be actively engaged in the retelling, and the technology would help to keep them interested. Reviewing information is just one of the many effective uses for digital storytelling!
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