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Nouf n

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of test

Trainees names: King Saud University Balqees Makhashin.
Eman Alsafi.
Faizah Bashamkah.
Nada Alay.
Nouf AlQahtani.
Sara Nageeb.
Sumayah Bawazeer. King Abdulaziz University Hospital Outlines Computer & Information Technology Dept in KAUH .
Achievements of trainees.
Knowledge and skills gained .
Projects Computer & Information Technology Dept in KAUH
1-Provide technical services at the highest level of technical development.

2- Promote in the electronic services.

3- Enrich the areas of health care .

4-Ensure the empowerment of all these services to enable King Abdulaziz University Hospital to be a scientific landmark. And a pioneer in healthcare, education & scientific research. VISION : Provide the best technical services & assist all hospital staff benefit from these services.
Lead projects to execute plans of implementing the electronic transactions
Ensuring high quality through regulations set for that.
Providing beneficiaries with skills& knowledge needed for interaction with these services. Computer & Information Technology Dept in KAUH MISSION : Achievements of Trainees. Department of Emergency System - DEM System. Helpdesk System. Android Applications. Electronic Magazine. The admin table
aid means the admin id which is auto increment
email is User ID which is used to login the email doesn’t store the extinction @ksu.edu.sa since it is in common between all users
aname: means admin’s name The data base manual Final work first edition with HTML Wireframe How our work evolve? Flow chart User (uid, email, password, name , computer_no , ext, location, department, building , level, room, flat, mobil_no)
Admin (aid, password, email, aname)
Technician (tid, tname, password, email, major) Schema: for example The user
The user shall write a report to notify the Help Desk in case of a problem
The admin
The admin shall browse the statistical reports in a specific year and month.
The technician
The technician shall print the report.
The system
The system shall automatically logout every 10 minutes in case of no action
committed. Requirements for example What is help disk? Help Desk application, provides first level support & assistance to the customer for immediate troubleshooting. Application maintains a library of complaint/problems ER diagram 2 Meetings
ER diagram
Flow chart:
Wireframe Analyzes 5 3 The system is a web application so its accusable and saves the time and money in installation.
Upgrade the help disk service. What is the need for our help disk system? 3. solve problem 1.Make ticket Brief description of the project 4.close problem &evaluate service 2 .assign the ticket Hierarchy of Help Desk Why do we need it? How our work evolve? How our work evolve? User Gide The Help Disk System Videos Help disk guide/test videos in two parts  
Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju6GuuhuCQI&feature=relmfu
Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJegUG4IzoQ&feature=related
(adding no tags for privacy )
Balqees Makhashin.
Sara Nageeb. Demo Thank You Be committed to work hours and work regulations
Enhance the communication skills
Dealing with people of different level in IT field
Dealing with stockholders and understanding their view to the new systems and how to persuade them in technology.
Understanding the market requirements.
Improving programming skills.
Gaining knowledge in web programming.
Enhance system analysis skills. The system was not acceptable immediately by the nurses and doctors.
Understanding the medical terminology.
Usage Dreamweaver.
Code errors when we integrated the program.
Breakdown of one of our PC.
The ac breakdown.
Software : Meeting with staff in emergency department .
Visit different emergency to understand the stakeholder environments.
Looking for similar systems on the internet.
Looking for the form that used in the emergency in KAUH .
Draw Prototype of the system by Visual Studio.
Meeting with medical director Dr.Ali Alnjashi to take the approval.

Web-based application to help emergency staff in their
work by provide many services and functions. Department of Emergency
System Demo Generate a simple SRS document (Software Requirements Specification).
Draw the ER diagram which we specify : tables, attributes, primary keys, foreign keys.
Meeting with the supervisor to discuss the document and what we will stored in Database then take the approval to start programming.

Emergency department is the most important department at the hospitals that need attention and develop continuously . It is receives a large number of patients at any time within 24 hours. Overview The emergency needs to be more organized and reduce papers usage as much as possible by using electronic forms which will help to record information quickly and more accurate so we convert every manual paper to electronic forms. Analysis: Analysis: Gained from summer training Difficulties : Thank You
Eman Alsafi
Nada Aladi
Sumayah Bawazeer.
Programming languages and technologies : PHP
PHP my admin Paper Magazine Electronic Magazine Paper Magazine: Collect Requirement: Analysis Site Map Design and Implementation Info Media Magazine DEMO Electronic Magazine Faizah Bashamkah. Thank You Users and main sections Pharmacy Employee: Doctor Data Entry: Nurse Admin Manger Admin Employee: Patient
Triage information
Emergency Assessment
Productivity User: Main sections Confidence
knowledge gained Was /Now Languages and Software Main projects
Help desk system.
Help desk application.
Department of Emergency application.
Other tasks What I have done Development progress re-analysis.
Design interface.
Implemented as parallel stages:
Server side.
Client side. Help Desk application Stockholders:

Block devices for 1 day for security purposes. DEM application
Android SDK. Server side Client side Difficulties Lack of expert on mobile programming.
lack of different versions of devices.
Work environment. DEMO Nouf AlQahatni Thank You Stockholders Admin Technician Request Closing Assign Transfer Close Transferring View list of tickets Hope You Enjoy JSON
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