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Home guard by Josiah and Prabjeet

No description


on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Home guard by Josiah and Prabjeet

Home guard by Josiah and Prabjeet

The home guards were men (17-65) who volunteered to the border of britan.
What are home guards?
The real soldiers used all the powerful weapons and all was left was out of date weapons and they kept on backfiring on them.
Weapons and injuries
While the men were gone, the women had to take over there jobs so they had to work on the field to grow crops for the families.
The land girls
What was the home guard known for?
The home guard was originally known as the local defence volunteers.This was considered too much of a title and it became the home guard,though the nickname 'look, duck and vanish did stick rather ufairly as the work done by the home guard was very important.
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