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Let's Grow!

No description

Ashley Hamilton

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of Let's Grow!

Water makes it grow
Engaging members starts with engaging staff
It all starts with Ashley...
Community minded
Next, add a GREAT idea
Let's start with Smart Cents...
Planting Roots
It's all about listening to our members and simply giving them what they are asking for
The Apples on the Tree
Nice & Sturdy
Becoming a name they can trust
Do I have enough to retire?
This workshop would be totally different than anything we have offered before as it would be completely online. Setting up a webinar over the lunch hour would allow us to reach a different segment of our members: 45-60, employed in their peek earning years and likely have investable assets elsewhere. The web based focus of this option would allow us to keep costs very low, but I would recommend that we provide prizes as an incentive for members to log in. Many web chat programs nowadays offer a chat feature. The IA could team up with the FS to host - one presenting and one manning the chat. In addition, there would be no limit to attendees or geographical area. This would allow more seminars to be put on, and more members to be able to attend.
The Apples on the Tree
Q-Trade Investor & Virtual Wealth
This seminar would be a great introduction for DIY investors. We could open up to all age groups by invite only. Over dessert and coffee we could demonstrate the ease and affordability of our DIY investing programs. Ideally we could have computers availble to help members sign up that night.
Budgeting workshop
I have met with several hundred members since I started in the MAS team, and one topic that comes up time and time again is budgeting. Whether the member is 35 years old and working through debt, or 70 years old and wanting to know if it's okay to go on a trip, budgeting is a key theme in my meetings. It doesn't have to be a four letter word either! Simply some tips and tricks to show our members how to tell their money where to go. The freedom this would allow them would be huge. I see this happening as a supper workshop, but more casual than Women & Investing. Pizza or pasta in a room such as the Eston Mezzanine would be perfect. This seminar would be best presented immediately post RSP season, when members face the most financial stress. (Christmas bills still coming in, potential tax bills, etc).
Let's Grow!
* Member's Financial Education
* Staff and member engagement
* Our book of business

Lives the cooperative principals
Engages to give where she lives (and works!)
I am a very proud PCCU'er, and have consistently proven my drive to engage with the members and focus on education around the table.
Members * Staff * Self
This program was born from my participation in SaskCuAdvance. I had a dream where students would be taught the basics of financial literacy in a fun, informal session led by us. With continued support from PCCU, I have been able to share this dream with the change makers in our Credit Union and collaborate to grow this idea into a wonderful thing.

By starting the financial literacy conversation early, and repeating it often, we are creating those 'sticky' relationships with our young members. The transfer of wealth is very real, particularly in our target market, and this is a great way to engage with these young members. But that's not where it ends. We need to think like McDonald's!
McDonald's gives a toy with every happy meal. Why?? It gets the kids talking and the parents buying. When the youth in OUR trading area are talking about financial products and services, we want our name to be the one that they are talking about.
Building our members trust is something that takes time. Lucky, at PCCU we've spent YEARS perfecting this. We need to be asking our members who already trust us, what we can be doing better. This can be informal, but should be part of our regular meeting script.
The Apples on the Tree
Closing the deal...
is what it all comes down to
Like our tree metaphor, our relationship with our members is constantly changing and evolving. We go through seasons, but we try to grow some every year. To increase our book of business, I suggested setting time in our schedules to make cold calls. Each advisor should be doing 15-30/week at minimum. PCCU is already setting us up for success with this by implementing a planning position. By taking the comprehensive plans off of the desk of FS and IA, this allows us the time we need to focus on relationships and sales. Jill is a great sales coach - with her guidance and support I foresee excellent growth. I could imagine that each branch has enough assets in their community to warrant their own FS, and 1/2 an IA FTE. Growing the business ultimately helps our Credit Union, team, and ourselves. I'm so excited to be a part of this growth from the ground up.
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