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Odysseus The Great

No description

story one

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Odysseus The Great

"Odysseus The Great"
Odysseus The Great
"...and Odysseus was left master of his palace and possessor of his kingdom and wife." (story 5, para 10)
Trait #1: Man of Noble Birth
"instead of obeying, he drew his sword and rushed at her, furious." (Story 2, para 8)
Trait #2: Capable of Great Deeds of Great Strength and Courage
Trait #3: Great Warrior
Trait #4: Travels & Vast Settings
"For weeks they sailed the seas until they came to the Aegean isle where Circe, the daughter of the sun, dwelt." (story 2, para 3)
Trait #5: National Heroism
"He told her that he would spare her only if she swore to release his companions and practice no further arts against them." (story 2, para 9)
Trait #6: Humility
"Odysseus stepped forward and answered humbly. "We are Greeks," he said, "returning from a great expedition." (story 1, para 5)
Trait #7: Faces Supernatural Foes and/or Receives Supernatural help
"Athena smoothed the waves before him and sent him a wind that carried him towards shore." (story 3, para 10)
"He told Odysseus that he was the god Hermes. He warned Odysseus of the magic arts of Circe." (story 2, para 7)

Odysseus fits into trait #1 because he was the king of Ithaca which means that his father was the king and he was a man of noble birth.
Odysseus fits into trait #2 because in order to relate to trait #2 that person has to be a man capable of great deeds of great strength and courage and throughout the story of Odysseus' journey he shows himself to be that kind of man.
Odysseus fits into trait #3 because on his journey home he faces a lot of problems and difficult situations that he showed himself as a great warrior.
"We have lately won much glory in the conquest of Troy." (story 1, para 5)
Odysseus most definitely fits into trait 4 because Odysseus' journey was all about him and his men traveling and trying to get back home.
Odysseus i believe goes with trait 5 because if those men didn't have someone as smart as Odysseus they wouldn't have made it as far even though they all died.
Odysseus throughout his journey shows that he is a humble person. For example, when the cyclops ate his men he was angry but didn't let his anger get the best of him and kill the cyclops right away.
Odysseus faces a enemies that are Gods like Poseidon especially. Odysseus also gets supernatural help from Athena during his journey back home and also Hermes who warns him about Circe.
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