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Stephanie Gonzalez

on 17 March 2015

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Industrial Revolution advantage or Disadvantage ?
"Spinning Jenny in spinning production!"
"Invention of the century !"
Creation vs. Devastation
January 17, 1810
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Is the Industrial Revolution beneficial ?
Factory Owners Attitude Toward Industrial Revolution...
Many workers work day and night and work towards the American Dream but as a factory owner it was much more than that. Factory owners thought the Industrial Revolution was a success,meaning there were going to be new innovations,new lives, and a whole new image of Britain.Yes it was a tough job being a factory owner making sure everything was in place,under control,and in production but it takes them one step closer each time to their success.The main idea of factories was that it had to make mass production and keep running for the economy but the way it started didn't give much.Many families had their own domestic system meaning they would only need 2 to 3 people working in their own homes by their own time and flexibility meaning more liberty of time.Even though the domestic system gave more liberty factories grew bigger,stronger,and powerful of how much they increased in production.So instead of 2 to 3 people it went to 300 people.Factory owners stressed in problems such as not having enough production,or not being able to produce to their limit.But after all the hard work many see it as an acomplishment.For example, Sir Richard Arkwright was a very important factory owner and was known as our father of the factory system.He made of what we are today with all these factories and production work.Many people found him as an inspiration so today factory owners see the Industrial Revolution not only as beneficial but life changing.

Working conditions: Could it get any worse ?
Women and Children risk more than their lives!
The Steam Engines : Who did it ? How Did It Start ? How does it contribute to us people ?
Industry Impact
"Hey Jenny lets go take a spin,literally a spin."

Children at the age of six and younger now work in factories due to the demand of increased labor the Industrial Revolution has put them through. Working about 19 hours a day just with an hour break.Children are put to extreme and horrendous conditions that could risk their lives and futures.How this first started was that adult employees would complain about how they weren't “small enough” or “able to fit” in a machine if something was stuck and,then young boys and girls came into the picture. Some employees disagreed on this saying what if a child gets stuck or is danger, but were ignored due to the fact that more labor was needed to increase production.As for the other employees many of them thought it was helpful,children being able to fit so they won’t struggle in fixing the machine or stopping production.
Children went through the struggles of fixing machinery,the slightest danger a child would be a small injury such as a bruise or rough cuts but, that wasn’t all that was expected. The highest risk for a child working in these conditions is death. Losing a hand or a leg was explicable, but death was tragedy.These are terrible conditions for a child working in a factory and many factory owners loved child labor because in their reasoning said “It was good for the economy to the building of the children's characters.”So children were put to suffer in these condition for terrible pay less than 2 dollars.
Women were also put through hell in working in these factories with these children as well.With the new innovations such as “The Spinning Jenny” women were put in textile mills in order to run on production and increase work force but it wasn't as easy. If a women is in the middle of working a“Spinning Jenny” and are distracted even for a slight second they may lose their fingers or sow their fingers in which was an unbearable pain for a woman.A Woman would only be paid about With these conditions one might say it was impossible to increase production that way with horrible conditions but a factory owner might disagree as they saw the improvements in economy and in their factories.

"More than just labor"
The first working steam engine was first patented in 1698 but later on new innovations to this invention started to come from great minds to make it more easier for factory owners and workers in production.The man they owe this to is... James Watt. During his lifetime Watt had a lot of hardships,his mother dying,his father’s business starting to fail but that didn't stop Watt with his amazing specialities.Watt was hired secretly by university professors due to his instrument mathematical specialty and repaired academic instruments for the university because no one knew who can hire him with just that specialty.A Professor named John Robinson soon comes into Watts life and introduces him to the science and principles of steam.As Watt gains this knowledge he soon makes applicants and experiments that deal with steam.
In 1758 Watt is given a job to improve one of the Newcomen steam engines in the university.It was known as the first practical device to use steam power to produce mechanical work. What Watt soon later discovers is that the Newcomen model wastes around three quarters of its heat,and in order to produce the mechanical motions in the piston and chamber in needs to be cooled and heated.So he states that more energy was being expended on the piston and chamber than on delivering mechanical force.
Watt envisions improving the steam engine by having a separate chamber in which the steam can be able to condense and not being able to cool and heat itself every single time. this improvement makes the steam engine faster and more fuel efficient by using coal.It was a hard time for Watt to push this idea foward without having the sufficient money or people to introduce this to. Watt meets an inventor named John Roebuck who helps with money but seeing that the improvements didn’t work Watt soon falls again.Later on Watt meets a man named Robert Boulton who sees that Watt was the missing puzzle piece he needed and worked with him in May 1774.With constant failures Watt soon reached success with Bouton making them the most popular people to go to with engines.James Watt went through ups and downs but it takes the most powerful fall to go up in amazing success.And with that success it leads us people a more easier way of living and working without the many struggles we used to have.

Founder of Industrial Revolution
Sir Richard Arkwright
Women and Children Working in Factories during this time of the Industrial Revolution
James Watt and invention of the steam engine

Theres a saying,saying “What comes around goes around” and it is meant to be true when it comes to the Spinning Jenny invention. Inventor James Hargreaves was one of the few inventors who came up with his invention by an accident.One day while weaving Hargreaves daughter named Jenny inadvertently knocked over the spinning wheel,but Hargreaves wasn't irascible but astonished in what he saw when his daughter knocked the wheel over.What he observed was that the spindle continued to revolve and it gave Hargreaves an idea that a whole line of spindles could be worked off one wheel.In 1764 the Spinning Jenny was created,and of course was named after Hargreaves daughter for the “miracle” accident that made it a succcess. The Spinning Jenny used eight spindles onto which the thread was spun from a corresponding set of rovings. By turning a single wheel, the operator could now spin eight threads at once.This improvement was only used in Hargreaves household but later on he shared the invention with others in his village.Sharing the Spinning Jenny soon led to disaster.People in the village soon saw it as a competition because it reduced the need for labor which led them to Hargreaves house and then destroyed the Spinning Jenny.But this didn’t stop the invention of the Spinning Jenny to stop evolving.Hargreaves was educated as a child so he didn’t know much about laws or patents.He saw many people copying his idea and then applied for a patent in 1770 but the court rejected it.After this Hargreaves moved away and started his own small milling mill with Thomas James.The Spinning Jenny sooned evolved from 8 spindles to 80 which was a great improvement in history but was an unfairness to the creator.Then in 1760 it went by a water frame and soon replaced the Spinning Jenny.This great invention of the Spinning Jenny contributed to the Industrial Revolution by having the clothes we have today,our bed sheets,our curtains,and our children’s clothing.By having this amazing invention it led other inventors as well to make improvements for the best of our people.

As a writer and an observer of the Industrial Revolution I must agree that it contributed to Great Britain.It improved peoples way of living and made it eaiser for people to work without too much labor. The Industrial Revolution was created by many different people with different points of view and today we see how their thinking turned out.Instead of people working at factories almost all the time, improvements were put on inventions than soon led hard labor to almost any labor today.Which now people can have the time to rest with their families and make the best of it.
Even though the disadvantages such as child labor, horrible working conditions,and people not getting paid sufficiently things turn around like they always do.The working conditions sometimes led to death which caused devastation in a family,and also with the little pay labors recieved not many were to make great lives of their own.But then many great minds changed that way of living for laborers.The great minds of different inventors such as James Watt,James Hargreaves,Robert Fulton and many others changed this for us.Life wasn’t easy I admit but people soon later took a big step foward to take us where we are today.The more and more a person knows the greater a creation becomes.You see the Industrial Revolution was like a puzzle, people needed to find out what they were strong at andthen put it together to make a whole new picture.The Industrial Revolution was more than just an event in history but an impact on the world.Without the different minds at work, innovations,or improvements made, we would have never evolved but stay the same.Same is always going to be the boring so why not do something different with everybodys life and your life.Create something new,make a new period of history,and maybe people will observe it as a great moment in history.

James Hargreaves and
the Spinning Jenny
Workers creating vs
Workers being devastated
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