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Crucible Characters Act 1

No description

matthew spencer

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Crucible Characters Act 1

The Crucible Act 1
Character Chart Parris In conflict with: PROCTOR; PUTNAM

Memorable Trait / Description: "he believed he was being persecuted" (3); wants the deed to the meeting house; "only hellfire and damnation" (28)

Motivation to Spread Hysteria: go with the majority; avoid looking bad so he keeps his position of power Betty In conflict with: PARRIS; ABIGAIL

Memorable Trait / Description: "I want my mama"

Motivation to spread hysteria: avoid trouble for woods' business Abigail In conflict with: PARRIS; PROCTOR; ELIZABETH PROCTOR; TITUBA; HALE

Memorable Trait / Description: "dissembling" (lying); "pointy reckoning"; "I look for JP who took me from sleep...put knowledge in my heart"

Motivation to spread hysteria: avoid trouble; be with the majority; be a holy agent of God (power)

Putnam In Conflict with: PARRIS (authority); PROCTOR (land); TITUBA; NURSES

Memorable Trait / Description: well-to-do; vindictive; "How can we blame ourselves?" (28)

Motivation to spread hysteria: justify loss of children; revenge; land
Mrs. Putnam In Conflict With: PARRIS; NURSES

Memorable Trait / Description: "murdered my babies"; "I knew it! Goody Osborne midwife to me"

Motivation to spread hysteria: justify loss of children; envy of Rebecca Nurse Rebecca Nurse In conflict with: PARRIS; PUTNAMS

Memorable Trait / Description: "prodigious danger in seeking loose spirits..."; "let us blame ourselves"; common sense; wise; children's "silly seasons"

Motivation to spread hysteria: NONE Giles Corey In conflict with: PUTNAM (land)

Memorable Trait / Description: "curious stoppage of prayer"; old (83)

Motivation to spread hysteria: NONE

Reverend Hale In conflict with: DEVIL; TITUBA

Memorable Trait / Description: "pride of specialist"; "eager-eyed intellectual"

Motivation to spread hysteria: holy mission; use expertise John Proctor In conflict with: ABIGAIL (affair); PARRIS (religion); PUTNAM (land); HALE (witches)

Memorable Description / Trait: "fraud"; "quiet confidence"; "that's done with"

Motivation to spread hysteria: NONE Tituba In conflict with: PARRIS; HALE; ABIGAIL

Memorable Description / Trait: "slave sense"

Motivation to spread hysteria: avoid trouble; avoid hanging
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