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AIESEC US Now - Communications

Winter National Conference 2012 - AIESEC US

Lucia Trochez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC US Now - Communications

How do I track my VP? Communications LCP Premeeting Social Media and Physical Reach Change Website template / Keep content up to date.
Set up google analytics to track your reach.
Share stories of EPs and Returnees (specially country Partners) on both social media and the website
Managing 1 event for OGX (during recruitment) and 1 for ICX Growth % in Facebook What does my VP Focus on? 9356 Fans [7454] 2032 Followers
[1608 ] 934 Subscribers
[768] Events: 13 LCs ran events during Q3 - Q4 The Most results driven
strategy for Q1 - Q2
for Gen 21013 Focus on expanding reach through physical activities during and in non- recruitment peaks. # of visits to
Website Page # of applicants to Recruitment [X and Membership] #EPs Raised
#Members Recruited Growth % in Twitter # of visits to
Website Page # of leads
# potential TN Takers contacts LC #TNs Raised OGX + TM ICX Communications is a support area that can provide strategy in marketing and reach.

Make sure the timeline and Synergy with exchange functions is clear and set before recruitment. SUCCESS! NST Support ORS Online Registration System This is the registration form people fill out on the aiesec.org website after clicking the "Join AIESEC" button Go to : [ ] Log-in with your myaiesec.net log-in and password (This is only available to people assigned as EB) If you have contacted the person, then you can archive the account (which stores the data but doesn’t delete. Delete any contacts that are not usable or are missing key information (name, contact info) MC Channels LC Channels Traffic at
aiesecus.org Increasing Number of Unique Visitors Increasing Number of Conversion Rate Registration on Online Registration System Promoters ELD Customers Detractors Traffic at aiesec.org How does it work? Follow-up:
Make sure you are following up with people who register!! This is a mayor brand issue if AIESEC does not interact with the people that connect to us online. This is recruitment that is already done for you, and will help us achieve our goals for Gen 2013! Each LC will have a Coach from the NST to support the functional VP.
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