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How They Croaked

No description

Roy S

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of How They Croaked

King Tut
Death age: 19
Julius Caesar
Death age: 56
Death age: 39
Christopher Columbus
Death age: 54
King Henry VIII
Death age: 55
Elizabeth I
Death age: 69
Death age: 21
Galileo Galilei
Death age: 77
Roy Sun Period 3
Written by Georgia Bragg
Illustrated by Kevin O'Malley

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Death Age: 35
Marie Antoinette
Death age: 37
George Washington
Death age: 67
Napoleon Bonaparte
Death age: 51
Ludiwig van Beethoven
Death age: 56
Edgar Allan Poe
Death age: 40
Charles Dickens
Death age: 58
James A. Garfield
Death age: 49
Charles Darwin
Death age: 73
Marie Curie
Death age: 66
Albert Einstein
Death age: 73
Thanks for watching!
Marie Antoinette was killed because of the
guillotine, or decapitation machine. She was
executed because people thought she was
the cause of all the problems in France. Her
husband, King Louis XVI, was also murdered by the guillotine.
Edgar Allan Poe died of an undetected case of rabies. Everyone thought he was drunk, as he usually was, and he died in the hospital.
How They Croaked
President Garfield died because of a bullet through his body. The bullet caused no damage at all to his organs, but it was the doctors' dirty hands that killed him.
The guillotine was a violent execution machine that had a heavy metal blade that weighed about eighty-eight pounds that was fourteen feet high and fell at 21 feet/second.
Everyone Poe cared for died of tuberculosis, a disease caught by breathing in infected air. Symptoms were coughing blood and losing weight. Poe's mother, his foster mother Fanny, his older brother, his cousin Virginia, and his girlfriend.
Marie Antoinette was politically and historically important.
I did not do it on purpose.
Her execution led to many more, mostly kings and rich men.
Garfield was a politically significant person. He was president.
Garfield was shot in a train station in .
The doctors who came to see him carved a long tunnel through his body to try to get the bullet out.
James A. Garfield was politically important. He was president.
He was shot twice in a train station in New Jersey.
They carved a long tunnel of flesh in Garfield's back, nowhere close to the bullet.
Edgar Allan Poe was a culturally significant person. He was a famous author and poet.
Reynolds was the name of the polling official at the bar where he was taken away from.
As there was no photo identification requirement back then, you can bet that it was easy to be part of a voter fraud scheme.
"For death is no more than a turning of us from time to eternity."
William Penn
The Reign of Terror eventually led to the French Revolution.
"The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable."
I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.
Napoleon Bonaparte
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