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Economic Cloud

An economic decision model for business software application deployment on hybrid Cloud environments.

Rainer Villido

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Economic Cloud

An economic decision model for business software application deployment on hybrid Cloud environments You should use Cloud when... Low demand for computing power Rainer Villido Real-world business applications Regression model -> Optimization model is valid 28% cheaper to use Cloud (on average) Cost-effectiveness rises with More applications in Cloud More physical storage demanded Lower computing demands Experimental results Virtualization-based distributed computing environment IaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service Pull resources to virtual machines Resource demand fluctuations Shifting resources Cloud (Potential) cost advantage Traditional servers Demand peaks More physical servers Shifts resources to virtual machines Pricing of Cloud providers Scalable Low average resource utilization Hardware costs Maintainance costs Energy costs Labor costs Cloud Traditional servers Cost advantage? Cloud Deploying applications on... VS The need for a cost estimation model Cost estimation model? VS Optimization model Cost-optimal placement of virtual
machines to computing resources Linear regression model Validating the optimization model
with experimental data Cost model for
Cloud resources Virtual machine CPU hour Time Contingent fee Cloud storage Internet bandwidth Data transfer outbound Data transfer inbound Thank You! Questions? Many applications High demand for storage Cost model for
enterprise resources Server Expenses Storage costs &
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