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Mark Parker

No description

Zack Ellison

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Mark Parker

My Entrepreneur
By: Me (Zack Ellison)
Birth & Death
Mark Parker was born in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1955 and is still living today
Mark parker graduated and earned his Bachelors Degree from Penn State University
Mark Parker is married to Kathy Parker and has three children

He hastwo girls and one boy Jennifer, Megan , and Matthew.
History about Mark Parker is that he has been the Nike Chief Executive Officer and President since 2006

He has been employed by Nike Inc. since 1979
Mark Parker
What he did before he became famous...
Mark Parker has worked for Nike since he was 24 and has worked there his whole life

He upheld many different jobs at Nike like designing shoes and sale.
Early Accomplishments
Some early accomplishments include working his way up through Nike to get this job of CEO
Good or Service?
Mark Parker preforms a successful good.

He produces shoes, clothing, and more athletic equipment for any buyer

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight were involved in the good
Mark Parker is a very confident worke, he knows how to get his job done and impress people

Very cooperative with others and works well with others
Two Quotes
"Nike has always been more than a job for me. Like many Nike employees, I have a deep connection to the brand and the company"

-Mark Parker
"We have challenges, but challenges have always made us better and stronger"

-Mark Parker
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