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WOCC Social Media Training

No description

Vykky Hawkins

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of WOCC Social Media Training

Social Media Training
By Vykky Hawkins
July 9, 2013
Comes from...
external & internal news
inclusive language
active language
quality vs. quantity
word of mouth
Objectives & goals
Fans & Likes
“Social media is an ingredient, not an entree.” -Jay Baer
is King
Why is social media so important?
Where are we Socially?
33% rank themselves as a 7 on a scale from 1-10 in reference to social media knowledge.
In regards to strategic planning, 29% said I space out my posts, but I am not sure why.
50% believes it could beneficial to buy fans if mixed with strategic planning.
Analytics? 21% isn't sure what it is. While 29% will review it, but doesn't understand what it means.
Almost every ministry has a Facebook page and/or Twitter account!
What we want to learn.
More about analytics and buying fans.
The WOCC way of doing social media.
Best practices/strategies for developing a social media and marketing plan for my ministry.
How to better use it for the growth of WOCC.
How to be more efficient in creating and maintaining a campaign following.
Manage Professionally
Consistency is key
Voice & Tone
Be Timely!
Sharing is Caring
Accept & Monitor Comments
Review Numbers
Twitter Announcement
140 Characters
Giving away a car at service on August 4th
Winner must be at service
19 Characters if you share a link
Details on website
GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away a car on 8/4 during service! #WOCCGiveaway Get details here: http:ow.ly/d494jsfu
The All Mighty Follower
We must first identify who they are...
After we identify who they are, we must figure out what they want.
Where are we going socially?

Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, and analyzing that data to inform business decisions. The most common use of social media analytics is gauging customer opinion to support marketing and customer service activities.
We Must Streamline Our Look
Properly sized images including:
Cover photo
Profile image
Twitter avatar
Background image
Header image
Go from Posts to Campaigns...
Kid of the Week!
The 10 Commandments of Social Media

1. Thou shalt measure growth
2. Thou shalt not flood (timelines)
3. Thou shalt converse with fans
4. Thou shalt tag
5. Thou shalt share
6. Thou shalt be consistent
7. Thou shalt use less words
8. Thou shalt cross promote
9. Thou shalt fact check
10. Thou shalt HAVE FUN

Buying Fans
Facebook Ads
Facebook Promoted Posts
Twitter Promoted tweets
Google Ads
Paid E-Mail Marketing
Yes! Once we get to a point of developing strategic marketing plans, there are definitely benefits in "buying fans."

But what does that mean...
Social Media Dashboard
Manage all accounts in one place
Centralizes Content
Schedule posts
Editing Capabilities
Shorten URLS
Attach video, pictures, links
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