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Bonfire night

No description

Caleb Kelso-mitchell

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Bonfire night

Bonfire night
The guy behind Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes was a non-religious man who disliked catholics and puritans alike and was part of the gunpowder plot.
The gunpowder plot
The gunpowder plot was when a series of men gathered together who hated parliament and tryed to blow it up. Guy Fawkes was selected to plant the gunpowder but was caught and then put to death by being hung, drawn and quartered.
Hung, drawn and quartered.
Guy Fawkes met a grizzly end when he was hung, drawn and quartered. Being hung from a noose, having entrainls burned and having his chest cut into quarters was how Guy died.
Fireworks are used to represent gunpowder every year on the 5th of November, the day the treason was tried. There is a rhyme that goes 'remember, remember, the fifth of november, gunpowder, treason and plot. There is no reason why gunpowder and treason should ever be forgot.'
The big finale
The bonfire is the big finale of the fireworks display in which a big amount of fire wood is piled in a stack and lit a blaze. Then a doll of Guy Fawkes is thrown into the embers to burn while the spectators say the Guy Fawkes rhyme. (as said in Fireworks)
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