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Raymonds Run

No description

will plansky

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Raymonds Run

Raymond's Run
By: Toni Cade Bambara Rising Action Climax Resolution Conflict and Resolution Setting

-Squeaky takes care of her older brother, Raymond who is disabled.
-mom takes care of things around the house Squeaky and Raymond run into Gretchen and her friends. Gretchen and her friends mock Raymond and tell Squeaky that Gretchen is going to win the May day race. While Squeaky is running the race she sees Raymond running and realizes she could train him to be a runner. Falling Action There was a genuine moment when Squeaky and Gretchen looked at each other and both smiled a real smile. The conflict of the short story is person vs person. The conflict is between Squeaky and Gretchen. Both of them are good runners in their city. Squeaky wants to win the upcoming race and Gretchen is her main competition. The story takes place in Harlem, New York City.
It is around the 1950's to 1960's and around this time society did not worry or help disabled children such as Raymond. Exposition -Takes place in Harlem, New York City "And on the other side of the fence is Raymond with his arms down to his side and the palms tucked up behind him, running in his own very style, and its the first time I ever saw that and I almost stop to watch my brother Raymond on his first run." Squeaky thinks Gretchen could help her coach Raymond.

Squeaky realizes Gretchen is a good runner as well as herself. "Maybe she would like to help me coach Raymond." The resolution is when Squeaky and Gretchen both smile a genuine smile to each other. They forgot about who won the race and who did not. Protagonist The protagonist of the short story is Squeaky. Squeaky is a young girl who is very little, with skinny arms and a Squeaky voice. She was named Squeaky because of her voice. Squeaky likes to focus on two things running and her brother. Antagonist The antagonist is Gretchen. Gretchen and mostly her friends mock Squeaky and her brother throughout the short story. Gretchen is also the only person that can maybe beat Squeaky in a race. Supporting Character A supporting character is Raymond. Raymond is Squeaky's older brother. He has disabilities and Squeaky takes care of him. "I do not think you are going to win this time." "I am a little girl with skinny arms and a squeaky voice." Theme The theme of the story is to not pre-judge someone that you are not too familiar with. Point of view The point of view is first person. "I do not have much work to do around the house like some girls." "I kept Raymond on the inside near the buildings." THE END
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