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Managing Reassessment

No description

Melissa MacLean

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Managing Reassessment

Managing Reassessment
What is learning?
Define learning.
How do you know when it has happened?
What is your role as an educator?
What is an assessment?
represents your expectations and shares it with the students in a concrete way
reflects the PLOs according to the course goals
snapshot of student learning ( well maybe if its a good test)
gives students feedback (praise or discouragement)
My Recommendations
Don't ignore the low marks. Do not accept work that does meet the expectations. Require tutorials. Inform the counselor that the student MUST re-do a test.
Strategies: Have them orally explain their thinking/understanding. Do the test/essay with them. Give them the rope.
Is the language too complex?
Have you effectively taught the material
Are your instructions clear?
According to Rick Wormeli....
30 years of teaching,
author of "Fair isn't always equal: Assessment and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom"
So how can we do it most of the time?
Steps of planning for reassessment
Option 1: Build in chances for mark replacement
Unit test marks replacement chapter tests. (increase frequency of assessments, increaseing feedback to both teacher and student)
Portfolio Assessment---Collect like assignments under one category and assign the most recent or the most frequent mark for a curriculum organizer (or PLO)
For performance based assessment- demonstrating skills
Content knowledge and understanding assessments
Option 2: Allow re-dos of major assessments
Significant Assessments ( <15% of total mark ) can be redone IF students meet the requirements
attend tutorials
explain orally their thinking and understanding
make a plan
ALL students can rewrite, not only those who failed.

Group work time
Option 1
Look at your outcomes for the course. What are the major assessments needed to measure the PLOs? Essays, tests, or projects?
Once you identify the TYPE of assessment, work backwards to build in similar assessments.
Option 2
1. Have a number of versions. If its math based, change the numbers. If its a multiple choice test, scramble the answers. If its a piece of writing, change the prompt slightly (measures the same skills, maybe different topic).
2. Provide a space and time to re-do material.
Come up with a group plan. How will you allow students to reassess? What will be your group policies?
How does it prepare them for the real world?
Am I being "soft" if I let them re-do the work?
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