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Sex + Technology Presentation

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Transcript of Sex + Technology Presentation

SEX + TECHNOLOGY: What is its role and what can we do? presented by
Jenni Kotting, PhD + Mary Beth Szydlowski, MPH, CHES Objectives Participants will understand the role of technology as it pertains to the sexual health and well-being of youth, particularly its utilitarian role in encouraging healthy decision-making and informed viewpoints about sex and sexuality.
Participants will understand the social media mix used as part of the Sex-Ed Loop campaign in Chicago Public Schools, as well as the challenges and successes of implementing new media tools in a school district.
Participants will understand how to use new media tools to promote sexual health education by samples & brainstorming worksheet. R U Text Savvy? Get out your phones
Place them on vibrate, ring or amazingly loud
Text "SexEdIndiana" to 61827
Congrats! The District: Chicago 3rd largest district in the country
Over 400,000 students
675 schools Comprehensive Sex-Ed Recent policy change to align with National Standards
State of Illinois Bill underway (HB 2675)
Grades K-12 Training and Resources 1 HIV Prevention Education Specialist
Funded by CDC
Support the entire district Teens in Chicago 52.2% ever had sexual intercourse
17.5% had sexual intercourse with four or more persons
64.3% used a condom during last sexual intercourse. So many kids and schools, so little sexual health education being taught until recently
CPS/Chicago: High rates of STIs
Cook County ranks 1st and 2nd respectively for gonorrhea and chlamydia amongst 15-19 year olds in urban cities Bring youth to the table! + Consult with youth leadership groups such as Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health's Youth Advisory Council
Invite youth to write blog posts and contribute to social media
Ask youth to work on outreach efforts to get the message out
Does your organization or a partner work with youth leaders? Weekly texts ("sexedloop" to 61827)
Wordpress (www.sexedloop.com)
Facebook (facebook.com/sexloop)
Twitter (@sexedloop)
Instagram (@sexedloop)
Pinterest (pinterest.com/sexedloop)
Soon... clinic finding map and app! New Media Being Used: Texting Blog Social Media Map/App Challenges Successes Get Started References Contact Info SEX + TECHNOLOGY What is its role and what can we do? How do we build capacity and provide medically accurate information to youth? A text messaging system providing Chicago youth with tips and advice for sexual health and healthy relationships.
Texting "sexedloop" to 61827 signs youth up to receive these weekly tips. (ex. "Having sex? Don't know your HIV status? Get urself tested. Text CLINICS + ur zipcode for free and locost testing.")
Texting clinic + zip code to 61827, youth can locate clinics within a 4-5 mile radius. Where do you access healthcare? How do you find the right places?
Find youth-friendly Chicago clinics using interactive map & smartphone app
Useful for youth, healthcare providers, teachers, family members, and other adult allies
Search by current location or choose an address
Narrow search based on services provided
Beta version to be released April 2013 on BeYouBeHealthy.com
Final release date: July 2013 Developing technology with outside partners
Legal concerns (youth, privacy, etc.)
Red tape (time contingencies)
Putting the product in the hands of the consumer
Development of campaign After 2 years of preparation and 9 months of implementation we have made major strides
Positive response from schools (students, teachers, and administration)
Maintained youth involvement and consistently growing fanbase
Major institutions & organizations in Chicago view as tool for sex ed
National recognition through NY Times article Is this possible for your organization?
Can you think of any potential partners?
What are some of your challenges or potential challenges?
Collective solutions Mary Beth Szydlowski, MPH, CHES
Student Health Specialist
Office of Student Health and Wellness
meszydlowski@cps.edu Jenni Kotting, PhD
Communications & Community Engagement Speciality
Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health
jenni@icah.org Lenhart A, Madden M, Hitlin P.Teens and Technology: Youth Are Leading the Transition to a Fully Wired and Mobile Nation. Available at: http://www.pewinternet.org/PPF/r/162/report_display.asp. Accessed April 11,2007

Lenhart, A.Madden,, M., & Hitlin, P. (2005, July 27). Teens and technology: You are leading the transition to a fully wired and mobile nation. Retrieved October 12, 2005, from www.pewInternet.org/pdfs/PIP_Teens_Tech_July2005web.pdf

Suzuki, L.K., & Calzo, J.P. (2004). The search for peer advice in cyberspace: An examination of online teen bulletin boards about health and sexuality. Applied Developmental Psychology, 25, 685-698. Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) 2011 Put info where youth search for it most 93% of US teens ages 12-17 go online, 63% every day
68% of people ages 15 to 24 used the Web to search for health information
44 % percent sought information on sexual health
75% of those ages 12-17 have cell phones, up from 45% in 2004 (2010 Pew Internet Project survey)
Teens on average send or receive 3,339 texts a month
73% of teens are on a social network
61% of teens aged 13-18 use Tumblr
55% of teens aged 13-18 use Facebook
22% of teens aged 13-18 use Twitter
21% of teens aged 13-18 use Instagram Project Development Media & Technology Finding the right social media/marketing mix
Engaging youth consistently & effectively
Fixed/reduced budget (re: sustainability)
Building a following Partnerships
& Funding Funded by CDC for 17 months
then sustained by Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Grant
to increase the provision of sexual health information to youth outside of the classroom through comprehensive, medically accurate information
link youth to resources in the city
using new media Project-Related Social Media Stats 11,000+ blog views between Jul 2012 - Apr 2013 (today)
Avg. daily blog views has increased from 6 to 50+
Facebook avg. daily page consumptions has risen from 4.6 to 32.3 between Aug 2012 - Feb 2013
20 youth leaders now contributing to blog and performing research on youth-friendly clinics
Approximately 1,000 current subscribers to text messages Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) – Youth play a key role
ISIS, Inc.
Goldstar Communications Collaborated with 4 partners who are experts in their respective fields: www.sexedloop.com
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