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No description

Eve Khelawan

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of HOLI

How its incoorperated
Each one of these foods are based on a sweet savoury taste

This is to represent the goodness of the festival and how this shared goodness brings people together
Tradition Rituals
"Bura na mano, Holi hai"
For those who celebrate Holi, it is a time for genuine unity

No one is limited to human social standards becuase at this time everyone is equal and are celebrating this love among one another

It also starts off the beginning of spring
Presented By: Ashley & Eve
Festival of Colour and Love
A time to put aside social boundaries like the caste system, man and woman, rich and poor
With respect to each other the coloured powder celebrates coming together
Food and its significance
Symbols and What they mean
The Origin of Holi
When Does Holi Occur ?
2017: March 12th-13th
2018: March 1st-2nd
Why Do we/others Celebrate Holi?
Victory of good over evil
Welcoming spring
Good harvest
Friendship and love
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