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firdaus pauzi

on 4 January 2013

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HTH 565

TANJUNG JARA FRONT OFFICE AND LOBBY LAYOUT LOCATION - situated on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and lies mid-way between Kuala Terengganu in the North and Kuantan in the South.

- a mile away from the expressway and can be found by following the signboard along the road. ORGANIZATION'S BACKGROUND - Originally built on 1st March 1979 by the Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia (TDC)

- On August 1999, the management of the resort took over by Yeoh Toe Lay (YTL) Hotels & Properties.

- TJR received many renovations and refurbishment program to up grated their facilities; endeavor to maintain and preserve the 17th Century traditional Malay architecture, which had won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in July 1983.

- Also awarded Five Star Diamond Award 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. It is being the first Malaysian property to receive such prestigious honor.

- Recently its Tanjong Club Spa was selected to be in the Top Ten list of the ‘Overseas Hotel Spas – Asia’ category, as well as listed in the listed in the ‘100 Top Spas Worldwide’ in the Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Spa Awards 2004. Address TANJUNG JARA RESORT,
23000 DUNGUN,
TERENGGANU DARUL IMAN. LAYOUT TARGET MARKET CORPORATE AND REGULAR BUSINESS TRAVELER - When traveling on business, they usually don't spend much time in hotel room. Even so, they want to have a comfortable place to sleep, shower, and work.

- compared to the pleasure traveler, the business traveler is more time sensitive, service quality is more important than price, and they usually more demanding. FAMILIES - family will enjoy the environment by doing outdoor recreation.

- near the beach. TOURIST - Many tourists came to Dungun, Terengganu may choose to stay at this resort because we already know this resort is 5 star hotels. They provide full service and facilities.

- Provide high class equipments and facilities so they become comfortable and enjoyed. Most guest who stay at Tanjung Jara are tourist from French, Europe and so on. RICH INDIVIDUALS - they usually cravings for the services that will satisfy their demands. thus, this resort will help them to fulfill them. THEME & CONCEPT Directly with the theme of “Unmistakably Malay”, the resort emphasize the purity of spirit, health and well being that is accentuated in all the leisure activities, excursions, cuisine and the Tanjong Club that the first and only Spa using the authentic Malay Treatments, put on the wholesomeness “Suci murni” as the way to do any activities.

For the concept, we choose Traditional style which is suitable for the establishment, surroundings, and location of the resort itself.

Comparing to the Modern Concept, which is more focusing on the lifestyle of the uptown people, the traditional style is highlighting on the village lifestyle and culture.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Tanjung Jara Resort has 130 staffs include all departments which are front office, human resource, food & beverages and more. In front office department, it only consist of 15 staffs. Tanjung Jara Organization Chart FURNISHING AND EQUIPMMENTS In reception areas, they choose to make modern contemporary an open air lobby and guest who came to check in may feel calm and relax because enjoying fresh air.

the furnishing is based on timber or woods together with rich fabrics, every room commands a view of the South China Sea and each one a celebration of royal luxury.

due to the closeness to the salt water, the furniture and equipments from metal must be avoided because to avoid rust. the floor is made from marble to avoid this problem.

four set sofa are placed at the lounge for the guest who waiting to check in and checkout, small desk and chair, lamp, and vertical structure used as a support or ornament. Near the reception counter, there have four small pool and water flow in pool. Corridor has been put to separate among receptions and restaurant section.

At the front office, they used all equipment that normally may been used at reception counter like computer, printer, paper, stationery, and more. Other than that, the facilities also includes like desk, chair, table, cupboard and more.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART AT FRONT OFFICE PROBLEM AT FRONT OFFICE AND LOUNGE AREAS After our groups have done some research, there are a few problems occur at front office and the lounge areas in Tanjung Jara Resort.

First of all the problem is the heat. It is because the surrounding is in open air. So the ceiling and stand fan cannot cater to cooling the entire corner.

Secondly, the slippery floor in this area is also one of the problems occurs. It will happen when raining day. It is because the nearest pond overload and will flooding the lounge area. But these problems always happen when raining day only. LAYOUT FRONT OFFICE AND LOUNGE AREAS EXISTING LAYOUT NEW LAYOUT PROPOSE THE COLOR CONCEPT reception and lounge areas will be mostly applied in brown color. The reason why the colors have been chosen is because it is similar to the concept which is Traditional Style.

Traditional normally use woods as their material in making equipment and woods are normally brown in color. Compare to the modern concept, they usually use a variety of color in making their equipment, and it will be difficult for the hotel to make a good combination.

A wrong combination will create an unpleasant mood to the guests.

As a conclusion, Traditional Style is very suitable for the resort because it is more attractive compare to modern concept and this concept can show the value of east coast people EQUIPMENT AND MAINTENANCE Roof without barriers The Pineapple Plant Pond ( original surface) pond ( modified surface) Concierge concierge Waiting Area Sofa Waiting Area Sofa Spa Section Spa Section Bar for Welcoming Drink Bar for Welcoming Drink Pillar Light Kinnaird Castle Hanging Pendant Marble Floor Tiles Granite Floor Tiles plants (Pelargonium Radula) CONCLUSION The Traditional Concept that had been chosen is the best idea compare to other concept because it is match the location of Tanjung Jara Resort which is near to the beaches and far from town.

The furniture and equipment also based on traditional and classic suitable for tourist guest that can learn about Malay tradition.

The selection of the equipment also meets the traditional concept which is consisting of wooden material. All the furniture almost is consist of wooden like desk, chair, sofa and more. We also like to standardize the color of furniture and suitable with theme.

For floor, we also change to more better and suitable for open lobby.

For the layout, we just change a little bit because the small spaces make me difficult to do it and we just add some equipment and plants to make lobby feel cold and reduce the heat. APPENDICES
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