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on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Animals

Animals of the Rainforest


By Agustina
3 grade
Ms. Precsilla
Physical Description
Sloths are medeum sized animals. They are like two feet = 61 cm long. Sloths have a short and flat head, big eyes, small ears that you can't see, and four legs. Three-toed sloths have a tiny short tail. They are brownish gray and their face is gray with white. Sloths are covered with thick fur.
Sloths eat fruits, leaves, buds, twigs and sometimes little lizards, its favorite food is leaves. They are omnivores. Sloths are nocturnal and sleep curled up like a tree so that the predators don't see it.
Sloths live happy in the canopy layer,
you mostly see them on cecropia
trees they also live in many other trees
but aren't spotted there
as easily as in cecropia trees.
They can live 30 or more years
in the same tree but only come
down to poop. When a predator
wants to eat a sloth it defends
itself by scratching the predator
with their sharp claws. Sloths camouflage by
growing algae on their fur and that helps them to smell like a tree and attract clothes moths, the clothes moths lay eggs in their fur. The sloth stays still so no one sees them.
Amazing Facts
Mother sloths give birth upside down
once a year. When a sloth wants a mate it screams like this eeeeeh! And the male sloth comes to her. They poop once a week.
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