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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Business Plan

This presentation is prepared to startup weekend ramallah

anas assi

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Business Plan

ثE-Commerce Project
Results analysis :
Business Model
Al-Quds Service Market
Financial plan
Total costs of the project is =
Total Expected Revenue=
Expected Annual profit=
Investment Return=
Payback period=

. Easy to enter the market and leave it with no risks.

.Through our project, we looking forward to improve the base knowledge for our users.

Project summary
is short for Al Quds Service Market that provides the student of Al Quds University with everything they need during their study.

How will we help them??
1.provide the best service for the students by reducing their time,and make every transaction they did more easy.
2.limit cost of buying new products from exchanging process.
3.provide easy access for the market from companies advertisement.
4.easy matching between students&companies.
5.easy matching between libraries & students.
What are Services we offer?
1. buying and selling and exchange of any supplies or tools needed by the students, teacher, and employees .
2. Announcements pertaining to all interested students.
3. The process of linking between libraries and imaging services with the students to make it easier.
Our mission in this project is to facilitate the availability of all the opportunities for students

Integrate all the students of Al-Quds University in the QSM and provide all their needs

What is our project?
This project made by group of students in alQuds University seeks to provide several services aimed at meeting the needs of students

Business Plan
Faculty Of Business
Department Of Business Administration

Dua Mustafa
For E-Commerce
Ghada Abuhilal
Ala'a Hammad
Asma' Rjoub
Nour Bahar
Ayah Awad
Out Line
1. Project summary.
2. Project overview.
3. Service we offer.
4. Market Research & Analysis.
5. Marketing plan.
6. Operational plan.
7. Development plan.
8. Administration.
9. Financial Plan.
10. Funding.

Objective of the project:
To facilitate the process of getting any supplies needed by the student.
Get rid of any tools with the students in a manner useful and profitable.
Find a common place for students to find requirements that accompany their educational career.

Service we offer.
Market Research & Analysis :

Market Size :
AQU Campus – Students & Uni. Staff

Market Study :
Target Market Survey
Results analysis

The existence of a blockbuster by the students and encourage the idea of ​​ QSM - and acceptance from different facilities .

There is a need for the project, given what we've seen from statistics indicate a need to get rid and exchange needs and items among students.

There is a need for the availability of QSM Website that complete the buying, selling, and exchange processes, to complete the work of the project.

The existence of a desire to provide numerous advertisements for various needs and make them available through the website.

Through Statistics sensed large turnout students to browse the Internet, which helps to electronically publish the project easier.

The presence of an intense desire to communicate through social networking sites.

Competitive advantage

Specialization and focus on the business of providing, sale and exchange of the different needs of students.

Speed ​​and ease of advertising and search students needs in the Website.

Accuracy in the delivery and appointments.

Objectivity and credibility.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths :
- uniqueness and distinction, so that modernity in the idea and the absence of direct competitors.
- Easy access to QSM electronically through the pages of social networking sites and in the university campus.
- Simplicity and user friendly design.
- updatable and continuous following.
administrative team that is able to meet the needs of the project.
- Internal funding for the project, especially in the start-up phase.
- Need a team of programmers and designers to follow-up the design and the work of the Website.
- Weak Market Image.

- Continuous development and meeting the needs of different students.
- The possibility of contracting with third-party companies working to provide various items for students.
- Increase in the number of Internet users and social networking sites, especially among students.
- A new experience for the student, breaking the routine operations in the sale, purchase, exchange and advertising.
- Growing demand for quality.
Threats :
- Direct Competition in the future .

Marketing plan
Since there is no competitors yet, and there is a growing need for services such the several we provide, then we must start a marketing campaign.
Target sigments
Brick tools:
Click tools:
E-mail marketing.
Ads on social network (F.B, Twitter, and Linked-in, YouTube).
Local radios.

Printed advertisements.
Organize a launching ceremony.
Printed ads.
Types of Ads on social network Adv
Operational plan
Everyone want to sell or buy Or exchange should have an account in our website.

Users can put their products for the price they need and other can see and the transaction will done by Us.

Any department or company can put its advertisement.

In development plan : we can deal with libraries to make a delivery service for students.

Many steps taken for security for our website.

Relationship with centers ,departments ,to match them with the students.

Many steps will be taken for serve students to get their best job in our website

To achieve the desired goals of QSM project , there must be a comprehensive management system

These are The following functions through the organization structure :
Development plan
Our Main goal from this project\ website is helping the students who have ongoing needs and always looking for help .
خOur project will have a section for the students who can put products
The first step will be introducing the website to the students And putting posters around the campus the next step will be accomplished with the help of the student who had gotten help .
later on we have to decide the strategy that we want to follow to make the website grow and spread between numerous number of student and others who soon will be joining us and people who already graduated
This website will help them a lot and face some of their problems
We will updating the website and adding new features for students and we want to be the first and we will be working to be the one website that provide the students with everything the need and will need in the future.

“self Financing”
The stockholders or the people who are responsible for the website will share the expenses equally between them

Benefits of the project for the consumer:
1. Saving time, effort and money .
2. Alleviate some of the burden, for ease of access to their needs in one place.
3. Provide limited income students through the sale of kits in their possession are not their need.
4. Provide advice to new students and ordinary people

The difference between the current service and is located in the market:
QSM is a website of a new idea in terms of adoption of online services for Al-Quds university’s Pioneers. And It combines many of services offered with the presence of several providers of certain services provided by the sit it the same time and only in the website.
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