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Tom Wesselmann

No description

Dina Sinan

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Tom Wesselmann

Short Biography Education Facts Judson Great Career -Taught art in a public school in Brooklyn
-then the High School of Art & Design Birth:
February 23,
1931 -Studied psychology @
Cincinnati Uni. (before
taking art courses) &
completed his degree
after discharge Tom -Started drawing
cartoons during his time
@ war -Allowed the space and
freedom for pop artists to paint -Red, white, & blue Pop Artist: Death:
17, 2004 Occupation:
& Painter Born in:
Ohio Died of
after heart
surgery -Took art courses @
Cooper Union in 1956 -Found inspiration after
visiting Cooper Union's
Green Camp for landscape
painting -Sold his first cartoon
strips to the Magazines
"1000 Jokes and True" Influenced by:
Henri Matisse - -Enlisted in Korean
war for two years
(1952) -Became a founding member
of the "Judson Gallery"
(w/ Marc Ratiliff & Jim Dine -Began his series of the
"Great American Nude"
in 1961 -Claire (wife) was his muse
and was featured in many of
is paintings Self Portrait Tom Wesselmann -One of the leading pop artists of
the 60s -Daughters: Jenny & Kate
Son: Lane -Met Claire @ Cooper Union; his girlfriend,
and his model -His education was interrupted
when he decided to enlist -Did not believe in the 'censorship'
and allowed them to paint anything,
with zero restrictions Still Life #20 -1962 Bedroom Painting #38 -1977 Still Life #61 -1976 Smoker #9 -1973 Still Life #58
-1972 Smoking Cigarette
#2 - 1980 Lulu -1982 Sunset Nude with Matisse Odalisque
-2003 Odalisque Seated with Arms Raised,
Green Striped Chair, 1923 Study for Great
American Nude
#20 -1961 * Pastel and
charcoal on
paper Great American Nude No.44 -1963 "Personality would only be distraction from the simple fact of nudity. When I create physical details like lips or nipples, they are of importance for the erotic simplification. From the beginning I never gave them faces. A face gives personal touch to a sexual act, makes it a portrait act. And that, I don´t like at all." -Tom Wesselmann American Nude -Emphasizes the woman's nipples, mouth and genitals with the rest of the body depicted in flat, unmodulated colours -Depersonalized sex symbol -Surrounded his nudes with flowers Memorial Church Wesselmann -Also well known for: Still Life, Cigarette paintings, Bedroom paintings, and Seascapes Dina Sinan
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