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Anna Pavlova :)

No description

Emma Smith

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Anna Pavlova :)

1899-1931 Anna Pavlova Who is Anna Pavlova? Anna Pavlova was one of the greatest ballet dancers of ehr time and todya. she was born in St. petersburg, in 1881. Ever since she was seven years old, she wanted to dance after watching the russian ballet sleeping beauty. She was accepted into the Imperial Ballet school when she was only ten years old. soon after that, people discovered she had a natural gift. Accomplishments Anna had accomplished many great things throughout her life. Soon after she was accepted into the Imperial ballet School, she performed the title role in Giselle, in which her instructor Marius Petipa gave her. Her company traveled 350,000 miles between 1910 and 1931. She performed one of her best solos named the "Dying Swan" in which she performed all around the world. She inspired people to study dance. MAny choregraphers aroundthe world noticed her and she introduced ballet to many countries. Backround/Family Anna was an only child. Her mother was very poor, but loved her very much. If it werent for her mom taking her to see "Sleeping Beauty" when she was seven, she wouldnt have been inspired to dance. Her father died in the military when Anna was only two years old. She never met him. Their family was also Jewish. Why she was an inspiration to me:
Anna Pavlova was an inspiration to me because she never gave up on performing and making people smile even when things got the best of worst of her. We will always remeber what she brought to the world-smiles. :)
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